And on the eighth day, God instructed Henry to eat…


It seems like a feat of biblical proportions, and there must be something divine in the details.


Yes, Henry, the boy who wouldn’t eat. Henry, who gags at the sight of a spoon. Henry, who can seal his lips tighter than a bank vault.

We gave Henry some broken up Cheerios, and he…ate them. (Gagged and vomited when trying to swallow them, but just a little, and kept going.)

Then, after working up an appetite chasing some sweet potato chunks around his tray, he pounced and ate them, too.

Today we added some peach chunks to the menu, and, well, what do you know, he sort of ate them, too.

Hooray for Henry!


2 Responses to “And on the eighth day, God instructed Henry to eat…”

  1. sdh Says:

    Way to go little H-man!

  2. Amy Flood Says:

    my Rowan was a gagger too. i had to add fruit to her cereal in o rder to get her to eat it. seesm she has her momma’s sweet tooth. she is still a messy eater. more food goes on her bib then goes in her mouth.

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