Not THAT Hank & Willie

My goodness, the traffic around here has picked up! Thank you for taking a look, and hope you enjoyed your visit.

A few of you had some questions, which I am glad to answer here.

No, we don’t really call them Hank and Willie, at least not often. It just sounded kind of catchy without being their real names, exactly.

Interestingly enough, if you Google Hank and Willie, you’ll get this handsome pair of fellas. You also get a lot of references to country music legends Hank Williams, Jr. and Willie Nelson, known as Hank and Willie to some sectors of the karaoke set, and to baseball players Hank Aarons and Willie Mays. Just to recap, I will NOT be writing about those Hank and Willies.

No, Willie and Hank wasn’t taken. It just seemed to flow better as Hank and Willie. And yes, thank you, Will is older. It just seemed okay to let the little guy come first for once.

Yes, those really are Will and Henry’s bare baby feet greeting you at the top of the page. (Welcome, pervy Googlers!)

So that’s all for now, I hope you’ll visit again soon. See you in the comments!


3 Responses to “Not THAT Hank & Willie”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hey there! Welcome aboard. Very, very cool to have you in the blog world. But you’ve been hiding your blogging for a month, right? Or were you just writing them and then finally put them up. Either way, glad to have you here.

  2. Molly Says:

    Mike sent me the link and now I have ANOTHER blog I’m hooked on. Thanks! Love it!

  3. Anna Says:

    So glad to see you both here!

    (And yes, I gave it a test run for a little while before sharing the love–a few technical difficulties and also wondering if this would go the way of, say, my workout regimens. So far, so good–now if only my abs could benefit from it!)

    I’m loving reading yours, too, Molly, thanks!

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