I need something else to fill my time like I need four flat tires, but several months ago I decided that this would be the year I learned to knit. All those cute baby hats!

So, my very patient mother-in-law (and knitter extraordinaire) got me started, and with help from her, along with some expert coaching from several friends, I completed my first project last month. This delicious pink and white hat went to baby Sydney, and I am pleased to note her head is not actually misshapen, it’s just the hat. I forgot to ask Sydney’s mama if I can post her photo here, so in lieu of that, voila! Henry’s sheep with misshapen hand-knitted hat.

With lots still to learn, I won’t be tackling anything like this sweater (see above) in the near future, even though she sure does look like she is having  A WHOLE LOT OF  FUN in her hand knit sweater.

No, my next project is, what else, a baby hat.

Hopefully I can find a baby whose cranium matches my knitting style.


2 Responses to “Knitwit”

  1. outdoorknitter Says:

    Love the hat and the picture!

  2. Anna Says:

    Thanks–love your outdoor photos and knitting notes!

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