I scream, you scream


Nothing says spring like the opening of your local ice cream place. Daffodils and peepers might show up while it is still cold outside, but when that ice cream stand is open, you know spring has really arrived.

This year will be a little different. If you are truly caught up on the minutiae of our lives (and if you aren’t, just stay tuned), you might recall that Henry has some pretty severe food allergies, and the nursing mama (me) is avoiding milk and soy to keep him symptom free.

Since my pregnancy diet consisted of a daily dose of ice cream on top of my sure-fire anti-nausea remedy (vanilla milkshakes WITHOUT lumps), I very well might have brought this upon myself. While Henry was still in the NICU I would occasionally walk down the street between feeds and get a milkshake at the local ice cream stand and the day we brought him home we celebrated by stopping there again.

Anyway, Henry is doing very well in the absence of these common allergens, so we’re clearly on the right path. He is now nine months old, and since most kids outgrow these sensitivities in the first few years of life, he’ll likely get to have an ice cream cone by the time he figures out what they are.

But in the meantime, I’m still milk and soy free, and while it is okay most of the time, with warm weather arriving, I’m already dreaming about that first cone of the season. I’ll get to have that cone when Henry is 12 months, or when he stops nursing, whichever comes first. In the meantime, I’m going to dream about some of my favorite locations for ice cream—I hope you’ll get to try some of these places on that first really warm day in April!

Hank & Willie’s Picks for Excellent Ice Cream

Kimball Farm, Westford, MA

Jordan Pond Ice Cream and Fudge Shop, Bar Harbor, ME

Great Brook Farm, Carlisle, MA

Sundae School, Dennisport, MA

My couch with a pint of this or even better, this.

Where do YOU go for the best ice cream ever?


11 Responses to “I scream, you scream”

  1. sdh Says:

    I love your blog!
    I feel for you, not being able to eat ice cream, but H will be 1 before you know it…here’s what you need– not quite an ice cream cone, but soy and dairy free! http://purelydecadent.com/products/sweet_nothings.html

  2. Lola Says:

    LOVE your blog! Okay, how come yours is a blog but rush’s isn’t? Or is it? Or is yours not? I just confused myself.
    I’m soo sorry you can’t eat ice cream just yet. How about a petite sorbet, as they say in France, to tide you over?

  3. Mike Says:

    Don’t forget Buttonwood Farm! Or, of course, soft serve at the Galley! 🙂

  4. amygeekgrl Says:

    just wanted to say congrats on starting your own blog. 🙂 i love the pic at the top of the boys’ feet. it’s wonderful! will have to add you to my blogroll soon.

  5. Molly Says:

    I’m old school…Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup is my weakness!

  6. Josephine Says:

    I love your blog! You go girl!
    Have you tried cuties…the lactose free ice cream sandwiches (available in grocery stores and organic markets)? My kids adore them and they might satisfy your craving until you can have the real thing..

  7. B Says:

    I’m a fan of the homemade kind, strawberry or peach.

  8. AML Says:

    I’m rather fond (and by found I mean OBSESSED) with Salem Valley Farms icecream. They also make amazing sorbets. But the best sorbet I ever had was at Buttonwood Farms – passionfruit!

  9. Anna Says:

    So glad to hear from you all!

    sdh–I will give those a try–you are always finding more sweet treats I can eat, love it!

    Lola, I think since Rush had a website practically before blogs existed, and now that there are more bloggers than cockroaches in NYC, he is just trying to distinguish himself from the masses. And so he should! Am I right, Rush? But since I am such a newbie you can call this a blog. Or whatever you like. Come back soon!

    Mike, how could I forget Buttonwood? Maybe because it was 40 degrees and POURING the day we went?

    Hi Amy, so glad you came to visit!

    Molly–right there with you. I am faking it now with real peanut butter and dark chocolate (without dairy). Not a bad substitute.

    I love that you are reading! I do love the cuties, and when I get to have soy, (sooner than milk) I will make a trip to the grocery store JUST to get them. Thank you!

    Hi B–me too.

    Hi AML–I just discovered Buttonwood last year, passionfruit sorbet might actually be on my menu! Tell me more about this Salem Valley Farms ice cream that you speak of…

  10. And with intermission, you’ll want a little (eye) candy… « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] And with intermission, you’ll want a little (eye) candy… Things here will be on hiatus for a couple of days while I keep busy looking for a cure for chronic ear infections (three of them here this week!), guidance on how to make an almost-three-year-old behave (eat, go to bed, etc.) without pulling your hair out and directions on how to decorate the inchworm cake for Henry’s birthday party. Or maybe it will be a sheep cake. And does it really matter, since he can’t eat it anyway. […]

  11. It’s so close I can almost taste it « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] I do have to say, with the introduction of soy I don’t really feel like I am missing so much from my diet. (I know, again with the pity and the head shaking, but honestly, as long as I never have to have any rice milk again for the rest of my life, I ALMOST don’t care about the rest.) And the whole dairy thing? I would never have said this last October, but really, you can get used to anything. And you’re talking to someone who is WELL acquainted with cheese, butter, milk, yogurt, and of course, ice cream. […]

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