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Blog, blog, blog, blah, blah, blah

April 30, 2007


So I spent so much time geeking around with Rush on the Web this weekend that I didn’t actually do any updating, as the particularly observant among you have noticed. But the geeking, it was so much fun!

We played around with widgets and plug-ins and cascading style sheets and came up with all kinds of fun ideas to implement, sort of like our own private Blogher conference. Except that Rush is a guy and the closest thing we had to a keynote speaker was Jessica at Kerflop, who has written and shared a really helpful section of blogging tutorials. I haven’t added much yet, unless you count the helpful milk allergy links at the bottom right of the page, but I have lots of inspiration. One of these days, when I have more time than inspiration, I’ll add a few new fun things to this site.

By the way, I am keenly aware that the only thing less interesting than reading this entry would be reading the back of your vitamin bottle. But hey! You can read this at work, and make it look like you are working. And you can’t do that with your vitamin bottle, now CAN YOU?

To make up for all the geekery here, I share with you some fun entries that are actually WORTH reading:

Check out the all-new, completely awesome Rusharound and tell him what you think! (Remember, comments=fun.) Enjoy his newly added features, like a live-feed of his Netflix list. What will they think of next!

Do I need to tempt you with more? Here’s a nifty little movie of Rush and Sarah, here’s the entry from the day Henry was born (scroll down), and the phone tree they had just posted when they got the call. And there was the time Rush backed over his computer, and it lived to tell the tale, some raging karaoke, a cartoon about Rush on CarTalk plus the actual famous audio and how Rush is now a biodiesel user. Enjoy!


Fame, if not fortune

April 27, 2007

I’ve GOT to get these boys an agent. And me a promotion to manager, instead of the Lady Who Makes Us Laugh Ourselves Silly When She Steps On Banana Chunks With Her Bare Feet.

That’s all I’ve got today.

Because those banana chunks aren’t going to get themselves off the floor.



Your mama’s handbag

April 26, 2007

Nowhere does the line between work and home blur as much as when you use the same bag for work and home, as I’ve been doing of late while I test out this cool new diaper bag, courtesy of the folks at Skip Hop.


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a fantastic diaper bag, but I find it also makes for a very good mobile office, with pockets to die for—I’ve never before been so clear on where to find my keys, wallet and cell phone. But since it is SO good at holding SO much stuff, I’ve been getting a little lax about taking the kid stuff out before I head into the office, which leads me to the following:

List of Non-Work Related Things I Could Have Pulled Out of My Bag At My Last Staff Meeting But Didn’t

1. Spare pair of Bob the Builder underpants, size 2T

2. Two diapers, size 4

3. Wipes, wipes and more wipes

4. Not one, but two travel-sized bottles of Purell.

5. Dreamy L’Occitane hand cream for Sahara-dry hands from using too much Purell. (Thanks, Melissa!)

6. Cell phone, wallet, grocery list and reminder to return overdue library books

7. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? (overdue library book)

8. Kid’s ABC water bottle (okay, I actually pulled that out at the meeting, but I was thirsty)

9. Baggie of Cheerios

10. Snack-sized bag of Annie’s cheddar bunnies

11. Baby Tylenol

12. Two days worth of mail

13. Melted chocolate egg still in foil from Easter

14. Three unrelated kids’ socks

15. One baby onesie, in a size that doesn’t fit either of my children.

It’s official. I’ve become my mother’s handbag.

Knitty Gritty, Part 2

April 25, 2007

As I’ve said before, this is nobody’s idea of a knitting blog, especially since I am barely a knitter myself, but there is only so long I can accumulate these woolen horrors before I share them with all of you. I know many of you were badly shaken by the previous collection, especially by this, so I will try to be a little more in line with your delicate sensibilities. At least this time around! Many of you have kindly shared your own found knitted tragedies, so I thank you very much as I post the following.

This one starts out seeming like a relatively rational use of yarn and time if you like to wrap your scarf around your bust and severely constrain the range of motion for both arms:


Then she turns around and SURPRISE! The scarf or, dare I say, capelet, is actually growing out of her shoulder blades.


Too tame for you? Just wait, there’s more:

I bet this gal is sorry it’s 70 degrees out and she has to put her woolen shoulder skirt away.


And yes, I can appreciate that there is some seriously talented knitting involved there.

Would you say the same for this one? Or would you just agree that it looks a lot like the feral cat that frequents our yard if I were to put a strap on it and hang it over my shoulder?


My, she sure has a sunny outlook, doesn’t she?

And I think we can be sure she is bringing home the bacon.


And sometimes, folks, the jokes just write themselves.

But, dear readers, I have saved the best for last.

I’m already “casting” about for your next installment, which might include a few completely irony-free vintage numbers like the one on this hapless fellow below.

Proof indeed that a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

Knitty Gritty, Part 1

April 24, 2007

Well, what with the potty training and, well, all the other stuff that fills our days and nights, there hasn’t been a whole lot of knitting going on here.

I did make a little something for my mother-in-law for Easter, since she actually taught me how to knit, and continues to be my tech support.

It’s a little dishcloth from the Mason-Dixon knitters, and it was pretty fun to do. Of course, if you look closely, it looks like I knit it with two pork chops, and I believe it was meant to be either square or rectangular, and this one is neither.


But despite that, and the fact that I gave it to my mother-in-law with all the tail ends hanging out (Real knitters weave them in. I just consider them decoration), it was pretty fun to do, and it kept me awake, what with the bright PINK! and the GREEN!

Now that I look at these photos, it occurs to me there is no sense of scale in them, and you might actually think it is much larger than it is.

So as I was saying, here is a little king-sized afghan I whipped up last month.


But, gentle readers, despite my lack of actual knitting results to share with you, I lack for absolutely nothing in the What Not To Knit category (tune in tomorrow).

I have even discovered one project that we shall file in the What You Should Definitely Knit Because, My God, How Nuts Is That category.

I present to you the Knitted Princess Leia Wig. Behold.


Attention Scrabble fans

April 23, 2007

Can you spell c-h-u-n-k-y?


Can you spell h-a-m-s f-o-r t-h-i-g-h-s?


Had to show off his Scrabble onesie while I can still button it around his body–thanks, KM!


It’s Earth Day. Now go outside.

April 20, 2007


But if you insist on staying inside on the computer, head on over to my sister-in-law Beth’s blog, Climate Teacher. She is a mother, a biologist, a writer and teacher who dedicates her time to finding the path to sustainability.

Instead of the usual snark and nonsense you’ll find here, you’ll find clear, elegant and passionate writing about her work helping people understand and take action on climate change. I think you’ll enjoy it, and I know we can all learn something from it.

The update

April 19, 2007

Number of days in underpants: 2

Number of accidents: 1 (just a little damp, says his teacher)

Number of reward stickers dispensed this week to Captain Underpants: 25 trillion

Number of high-fives in our house this week: 50 trillion

Number of fun things we can think of doing with all that money previously spent on diapers, now just hanging around in our wallets: 100+

Number of seconds before we realized it should go straight into his college fund, because now he might actually go there without pull-ups: 5

File this one under Pooptastic

April 18, 2007


Will has been making huge strides in potty training recently, and while there are as many setbacks as there are successes, I sense we have turned a corner. He seems to be finally participating, as opposed to being a reluctant student of the discipline, and this participation has resulted in some SOLID successes. I think you know where I’m going with that.

Anyway, Will has a fetching collection of underpants purchased for him by kind relatives and desperate-for-inspiration parents, (When I have a blockbuster animated movie or TV show? I’m going right for the pull-ups-and-underpants franchise market, because that is some SERIOUS purchasing power there, let me tell you.) and he often takes them out of the drawer, and lays them out on the floor to admire. We’ve done a few stints at home with underpants, but trust me when I tell you it isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when the wearer would rather eat spinach AND clean up his toys than go to the potty.

But in light of his recent successes, we all agreed it was time to take this show on the road—Captain Underpants went off to school today adorned with diggers and cranes (and carrying a bag full of extra pants and extra underpants), and Dad reports Will was barely in the door before he broadcasted the news to one and all. I’m sure his teacher wept a little on the inside at what her day would be like, but she joined the throngs of high-fiving two-year-olds congratulating Will with gusto.

The only downside to all this is that Will has a new trick to the bedtime stalling repetoire. Once content to holler down, “I’m thirsty! I need some water!” he now unleashes his own personal Weapon of Bedtime Destruction,  the battle cry, “I have to poop!”  His “poopcrastinating,” as his father dubbed it, has yet to net any success from OUR point of view, but it gains him a good ten additional minutes of horsing around on the road to sleep. Pretty pooptastic, I think he would say.

You know what today is, don’t you?

April 17, 2007


It may still feel like winter outside, but Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating spring today with their annual free cone day.

Find a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop near you, and enjoy one for me!

Nothing says mom on the go like spilled drinks all over the car

April 17, 2007

Have you seen this? I just about fell out of my chair laughing.

I think Will wrote this part:

“After that, I’m going to sit back here and kick the driver’s seat for about an hour and a half. ”

You’ve seen MTV’s PIMP MY RIDE? Now watch them MOM MY RIDE.

Ten-month photo, ad nauseum

April 16, 2007

Okay, I know, enough already with the ten-month photo. (If you think this is boring, thank me for not writing about the water in our basement, which is the other thing we’ve got going on here.)

But then I thought, of all the photos I took of him in his first year, THIS is how I will represent 1/12 th of that year?

So after that ill-fated photo shoot, and the one where he ate the sign, we tried a new venue—the great outdoors.

It’s been so wet we couldn’t really put him on the ground, so we introduced him to Will’s little red wagon.

Take 1:


Take 2:


Take 3:


Take 4:


And…it’s a wrap! (Last photo taken while leaping to catch the fearless ten-month old.)


Aren’t you glad we don’t do this with Will every month?