End of an Era

You know what this is?


The last time I will ever take an in-focus photograph of one of my children.

He moves so fast now it is all I can do to capture a shot of his jet trails as he motors by me.

You know what this is?


A child who can decide to move OUT of the frame and away from the reach of my lens or, in other words, a really sad day for an amateur photographer. Reason enough to have another baby!



One Response to “End of an Era”

  1. Sweet William « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] Some days he’ll compliment my cooking, whether it came from my kitchen or Amy’s, or the mature flowering shrubs in the yard which I do nothing to maintain. Sometimes he’ll switch it up and deliver another one of my other favorites, “Mommy, I like your new haircut,” which I get a couple of times a week, sometimes even when said haircut is buried in a pillow at 6 a.m., even when the last new haircut occurred well before Henry was on the move. […]

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