More travels with Hank and Willie


Easter weekend was wonderful, from the local Easter egg hunt with friends to the overnight with the cousins at grandma and grandpa’s house.

(Easter egg hunt photos in gallery format here and slideshow format here. Slide show is fun if you have a few extra minutes and a big screen!)

Will wasn’t immediately clear on all the layers of Easter Bunny lore, but he enthusiastically embraced the whole notion once he heard tell about candy and surprises. Henry enthusiastically embraced his new poppers, his bunny and textured baby book. Mom and Dad enthusiastically embraced Henry’s candy.


Will got a new jet (we’re generous that way), a new truck book and a baby doll that he immediately christened “Baby Stinky.” He had a great time playing with his 6- and 9-year old girl cousins, in large part to their generous nature and willingness to play “be a cat” and “be a dog” and other similarly sophisticated games with him for what seemed like hours. None of them wanted to leave when it was time to go home, the sign of a great weekend.

And on the way home? Here’s the stuff you tune in for:

The Scene: Will, in the backseat, with every vehicle he owns laid across his lap, including his new jet, his paver, his collection of dump trucks, his “ambience” (ambulance) and a variety of cranes, front loaders, diggers and excavators.

Will: Dad! DAD! Slow down please!!

Dad: Sure, Will, I’ll slow down a bit. Why do you need me to slow down?

Will: I have lots of cars in my lap. And a baby in my belly.

You read it here first, folks.


2 Responses to “More travels with Hank and Willie”

  1. Molly Says:

    Thanks for the sweet comment. I love reading your blog, too!

  2. B. Says:

    Nice photos!

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