Ten-month photo, ad nauseum

Okay, I know, enough already with the ten-month photo. (If you think this is boring, thank me for not writing about the water in our basement, which is the other thing we’ve got going on here.)

But then I thought, of all the photos I took of him in his first year, THIS is how I will represent 1/12 th of that year?

So after that ill-fated photo shoot, and the one where he ate the sign, we tried a new venue—the great outdoors.

It’s been so wet we couldn’t really put him on the ground, so we introduced him to Will’s little red wagon.

Take 1:


Take 2:


Take 3:


Take 4:


And…it’s a wrap! (Last photo taken while leaping to catch the fearless ten-month old.)


Aren’t you glad we don’t do this with Will every month?


5 Responses to “Ten-month photo, ad nauseum”

  1. Molly Says:

    Ah! My ovaries are screaming at me to get a move on right now. Ridiculously beautiful children, Anna. Seriously.

  2. B Says:

    My vote is take #3.

  3. Amy Flood Says:

    i’m impressed that you remember every month. if we didn’t have holidays i wouldn’t have any photos of the twins. of course, Declan says “cheese” and poses every time he even hears my camera. there is no such thing as a candid photo any more.

  4. Anna Says:

    Oh Amy,
    I wish you lived nearby, I’d be taking photos of those delicious babies every month!

  5. Nicki Says:

    I would be tempted to keep that 10month original behind the 10month retake… maybe with some scraps of the chewed sign too.
    This blog is terrific Anna. I love it!

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