Your mama’s handbag

Nowhere does the line between work and home blur as much as when you use the same bag for work and home, as I’ve been doing of late while I test out this cool new diaper bag, courtesy of the folks at Skip Hop.


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a fantastic diaper bag, but I find it also makes for a very good mobile office, with pockets to die for—I’ve never before been so clear on where to find my keys, wallet and cell phone. But since it is SO good at holding SO much stuff, I’ve been getting a little lax about taking the kid stuff out before I head into the office, which leads me to the following:

List of Non-Work Related Things I Could Have Pulled Out of My Bag At My Last Staff Meeting But Didn’t

1. Spare pair of Bob the Builder underpants, size 2T

2. Two diapers, size 4

3. Wipes, wipes and more wipes

4. Not one, but two travel-sized bottles of Purell.

5. Dreamy L’Occitane hand cream for Sahara-dry hands from using too much Purell. (Thanks, Melissa!)

6. Cell phone, wallet, grocery list and reminder to return overdue library books

7. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? (overdue library book)

8. Kid’s ABC water bottle (okay, I actually pulled that out at the meeting, but I was thirsty)

9. Baggie of Cheerios

10. Snack-sized bag of Annie’s cheddar bunnies

11. Baby Tylenol

12. Two days worth of mail

13. Melted chocolate egg still in foil from Easter

14. Three unrelated kids’ socks

15. One baby onesie, in a size that doesn’t fit either of my children.

It’s official. I’ve become my mother’s handbag.


6 Responses to “Your mama’s handbag”

  1. Molly Says:

    You had cheddar bunnies and didn’t share?! I mean, really. If we’re going to work together I really need to know when there are cheddar bunnies around. Really!

  2. AML Says:

    It’s funny…I kind of had the opposite experience today. I’m off to Boston and just threw everything for the weekend into my work bag with the idea that I would clean it out in my office. I removed: FIFTEEN pens and/or sharpies; five bills I had to pay online…last week; a copy of An Ecosystem Approach to Aquatic Ecology (NOT on Oprah’s list); a combination lock that’s been missing since that day I decided to throw all of my gym stuff in the bag and then clean it out in my office – that was at least three weeks ago…(and now I’ve forgotten the combination); an empty bottle of Dragonfruit flavored Vitamin water (yum); paperword from my conference last weekend; and all kinds of dust-bunnied kleenex.

  3. amygeekgrl Says:

    i always scoffed at my mom having such a big purse, but now i TOTALLY understand why she needed to!


  4. B. Says:

    That’s why I carry a wallet. Although I do envy your bag and all its pockets.

  5. Baby advice needed—times THREE! « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] love the Vera Bradley and Skip-Hop diaper bags. And to put in them, Amazon sells giant economy boxes of disposable diapers and wipes at great […]

  6. Lile Says:

    This post reminds me of something my Uncle Rick once said…

    if a sweat shop factory had air conditioning would it still be called a sweat shop?

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