Blog, blog, blog, blah, blah, blah


So I spent so much time geeking around with Rush on the Web this weekend that I didn’t actually do any updating, as the particularly observant among you have noticed. But the geeking, it was so much fun!

We played around with widgets and plug-ins and cascading style sheets and came up with all kinds of fun ideas to implement, sort of like our own private Blogher conference. Except that Rush is a guy and the closest thing we had to a keynote speaker was Jessica at Kerflop, who has written and shared a really helpful section of blogging tutorials. I haven’t added much yet, unless you count the helpful milk allergy links at the bottom right of the page, but I have lots of inspiration. One of these days, when I have more time than inspiration, I’ll add a few new fun things to this site.

By the way, I am keenly aware that the only thing less interesting than reading this entry would be reading the back of your vitamin bottle. But hey! You can read this at work, and make it look like you are working. And you can’t do that with your vitamin bottle, now CAN YOU?

To make up for all the geekery here, I share with you some fun entries that are actually WORTH reading:

Check out the all-new, completely awesome Rusharound and tell him what you think! (Remember, comments=fun.) Enjoy his newly added features, like a live-feed of his Netflix list. What will they think of next!

Do I need to tempt you with more? Here’s a nifty little movie of Rush and Sarah, here’s the entry from the day Henry was born (scroll down), and the phone tree they had just posted when they got the call. And there was the time Rush backed over his computer, and it lived to tell the tale, some raging karaoke, a cartoon about Rush on CarTalk plus the actual famous audio and how Rush is now a biodiesel user. Enjoy!


One Response to “Blog, blog, blog, blah, blah, blah”

  1. Rush Says:

    Anna! Thanks so much for the ink (…er… pixels?). These things really are fun — can we inspire more of our friends to do this? And, if we’re successful, we can start a support group sometime later.
    See ya online!

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