I’m looking for a crash helmet, size small

Boy, you all love yourselves some Dirty Dancing. I think I got more hits yesterday than any other day of my blogging life, and it just makes me grin to think of you all tapping your feet, in unison, in your respective parts of the world.

You may not have noticed behind all the smoke and mirrors, but I haven’t actually written about the boys in a while, and while my blog stats are telling me you prefer You Tube’s Greatest Hits, what I kind of mother would I be if my whole electronic baby book concept was solely about big hair and bad knitting? “Look honey, that knitted acrylic tube top reminds me of your first steps!”


Which is just a clunky way of saying Henry has taken his first steps. By no means is he walking yet, but if practice has anything to do with it, he will be soon, since he repeats that first step about 1,001 times a day. When he isn’t eating or sleeping, he is launching off of whatever hard substrate he can find to pull up on, hurling his body vertically through space. It’s not elegant, but it does show a certain amount of perseverance.

I was especially proud yesterday when his day care provider showed me a new arrangement of furniture in the baby room designed to keep my little daredevil from climbing up to and hanging off the windowsill (There’s a step under the windowsill.) When I said, “Oh, you must have to do that a lot!” she just smiled and said not so much, like NEVER before.

I should have known this was coming. Back in early March when he first started pulling up in his crib, I walked into the room and found him in his crib suspended by his arms, straddling one of the corners with legs up above the bumper. He was concentrating so hard that even when I said, “Good morning, Spidey,” he kept at it, and I had to wait until he fell down out of exhaustion to pick him up.

The good news? He sleeps almost 12 hours a night now, plus takes some good naps.


I’m going to write my own combination baby exercise book/sleep book. Look for me on bestseller lists everywhere.


One Response to “I’m looking for a crash helmet, size small”

  1. B. Says:

    Go boy, go!

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