Search and ye shall find

Greetings readers—both the intentional and the accidental. Because I’m aware that a few of you reading today might just have stumbled across these scintillating words by way of a Google search that went terribly awry.

And since I’m all about the lists, I present:

A Few of the Terms People Have Entered Into a Search Engine That Inadvertently Brought Them Here

1. mama handbag

2. hank aarons

3. Hank Williams Willie

4. toilet training bedtime stalling

5. potty training (you would think I write about this every day!)

6. willie nelson karaeoke (hard to say if that was a mistake or not)

7. captain underpants txt. file

8. watermelon

9. Patrick Swayze rocket (?)

10. and my personal favorite: South Park Hank the Poop

That last one was so perplexing to me that I had to trace back through my poop-related entries to figure out how we connected with a South Park seeker—as it turns out, it was an interesting combination of words from some commenters that actually created that connection. And now, of course, with these words in this entry, we’ll be joined by hoardes of South Park Hank the Poop seekers. (Welcome!)

I can only think who I would draw it I peppered each entry with hot button key words:

Obama! MySpace! Iraq! Paris Hilton jail! Kentucky Derby! Britney Spears shaved head! American Idol LaKisha! iPhone! WordPress!

And since this entry has been so boring that I can’t even stand to read over it and see if I spelled Swayze and LaKisha right, here is a new word for you today, brought to you by the innovative minds at Urban Dictionary:



You all know this guy.

Bluetool: A person who wears a [bluetooth] wireless earpiece everywhere they go to seem trendy and important. Places to spot bluetools include movie theaters, malls, restaurants, gyms, grocery stores and cars.

Bluetool: Heyyyyyy, how are you?

Megan: I’m great, and yourself ?

Bluetool: Oh, sorry Megan. I wasn’t talking to you, I’m on a call. Bluetooth.


4 Responses to “Search and ye shall find”

  1. Molly Says:

    Haha. So funny. The number one search to my site is still “boobs”. I don’t know if that post was a blessing or a curse.

  2. Molly Says:

    Had to come back and tell you that top results for today are “I look like I have four boobs” and “Big boobs, little tank top.”


  3. B. Says:

    Looking at a bluetool right now…


  4. Anna Says:

    Oh my god, I’ve got nothing on you. Though maybe the person searching for Patrick Swayze’s rocket has four boobs.

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