At least he’s not crying



There’s a caption in this somewhere, but I’ll have to leave that to the creative ones among you to suggest, I’m far too busy being crabby about the fact that it’s Monday already. I will submit this one to Best Shot Monday, though.

We did take Henry’s 11-month photo this weekend, and those following along at home will be pleased to see I do take photos of him when he isn’t sobbing. See?





Project Must Walk is back on in full force—we observed a solid four-step move this weekend, but the good news is that he has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what he is doing so far.





I think.




9 Responses to “At least he’s not crying”

  1. NTE Says:

    Too, too cute. Baby Girl is boycotting anything having to do with walking… walking takes too long… crawling is the BEST, don’tya know? These are great pictures – I’ve got to get outside, now that the weather’s turned… the light’s so much better.

  2. B. Says:


  3. Christina Says:

    What an adorable little boy! Fantastic pictures!

    (I’m stopping over from BSM)

  4. Maya Says:

    That upper photos is great! I have to take more photos and start practicing!

  5. melody Says:

    They’re all adorable. In the first one he is daydreaming, or getting sleeping, isn’t he? And the light is fabulous.

    The others are precious, too.

  6. Jen Says:

    Great natural light in that first shot!!

  7. tracey Says:

    Oh, that first shot has hypnotized me. It’s just gorgeous.

  8. Rush Says:

    What’s with all of your ‘friends’ crediting the light for those great pictures? We all know it’s the camera photographer who is responsible for the hypnotizing fascination of these shots! Way to go, Anna!

  9. Rush Says:

    OOPS! In that last post the word “camera” was supposed to be crossed out using html… …but I guess WordPress doesn’t allow strike throughs?

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