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You never know WHAT you’ll find when you click on this page, do you? Say hello to Chaka.

Living in the iPod age has limited me in some ways, because when I actually get to choose the music, instead of handing over the reins to a Laurie Berkner-obsessed Will, I tune in to those same old playlists each time, severely restricting my access to anything new and different.

And as much as I love my embarrassingly named playlists, like 70s Baby, 80s Child Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (name courtesy of Jess and originally on a mixed tape, circa 1992), Mellow Morning, Groovy Chicks, Recent Classics (you know, like Baby Got Back) and Party to Go, I’m seeking something more.

So I entered the sometimes dangerous world of random play on my iPod (it’s a minefield, folks, positively LITTERED with Christmas music and kids tunes) and found these:

Songs That Deserve Better Than Random Play

Tell Me Something Good (Chaka Khan & Rufus) (kind of a weird (pitchy?) live version, but still hard to beat)

High and Dry (Radiohead)

Bring on the Night (The Police)

Such Great Heights (Iron and Wine)

Dirty Mind (Prince)

Like Dreamers Do (The Radiators)

Groove Me (King Floyd)

Better Off Alone (DJ Jurgen)

Sugaree (Grateful Dead)

Jessie’s Girl (Rick Springfield)

Shining Star (Earth, Wind and Fire)

Wilder Than Her (Dar Williams)

Avalon (Roxy Music)

And while those old musical friends were a welcome respite from the constant rotation of 10,000 Maniacs, Allison Kraus, Prince and Stevie Wonder and a little Maroon 5, I would be very grateful if you would please, please, please tell me about three (or more!) songs you’re listening to right now. Any artist, any genre, any vintage.

For your troubles, I reward you with THIS walk down memory lane. Enjoy.


15 Responses to “Tell me something good”

  1. B. Says:

    Zero 7 (When it falls)
    The Januaries (Choc & Strawberries)
    Jamiroquai (Hidden Track)

    From the “chill” station on Yahoo Music Jukebox…

  2. Ashley Says:

    OK ready?

    1. So Sorry – Feist – off her new album. Which is incredible to say the least. A friend recommended it and I ate up almost every single track on the CD

    2. Flathead – The Fratellis – It’s from the iTunes/iPod commericals, but that just doesn’t do it justice. You can’t NOT dance around to this song. The whole CD actually, “Costello Songs” is awesome.

    3. And, oh god. This one is embarrassing but it just played on my iPod so I feel compelled to share. “Id Really Love to See You Tonight” By Dan England and that other guy. I don’t even know why I love it so much. But I do. I can’t deny it.

    4. “The River” and “For Reasons Unknown” off the new Killers CD. Both excellent tunes that will stay in your head. Neither one is released, though I heard that the second one is about to be.

    The YouTube video, by the way, AWESOME.

  3. Mike Says:

    What a great post!

    Here are my three current iPod favorites.

    Don’t Matter by Akon. I know, I know. but, I’m sorry, I LOVE this song.

    It’s Not Your Fault by New Found Glory. I stumbled across this somewhere and fell in love with it immediately.

    Boston by Augustana. One of my favorite songs, period.

    Could go on and on and on!

  4. Mike Says:

    Ok, thought I just posted something. But now I don’t see it. So, if it shows up twice, it’s just me being overtired. Don’t hold it against me, ok?

    My three current iPod favorites…in no particular order.

    Don’t Matter, by Akon. I know, I know. I can’t help it. LOVE this song.

    It’s Not Your Fault by New Found Glory. Stumbled across this somewhere. Just really dig it.

    Boston by Augustana. Just a great, great song.

    cool post. I could go on and on and on!

  5. Molly Says:

    I guess it’s my turn! Recently it’s:

    1. Beautiful Disaster- Jon Mclaughlin

    2. Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap (it came out forever ago, but it’s weird and I love to sing to it so it’s always in the rotation.)

    3. I Don’t Want To- Ashley Monroe. (Yes, it’s country. What can I say…I like variety!)

  6. AML Says:

    1. I have two albums by Josh Rouse, a guy I stumbled across on iTunes, and they are both teriffic and have a “summery” vibe. Favorite tracks include Sunshine, It’s the Nighttime, Love Vibration, and Winter in the Hamptons (his homage to the Smiths).

    2. I dare you not to dance to Star Child by Jamiroquai.

    3. Anything by The Weepies – great indie folk band.

    4. I was introduced to The Ditty Bops from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Truly, just fun. iTunes says they are a mix of folk, western swing, vocal jazz, pop…hard to describe, but listen to Sister Kate.

    5. Also, my stepkids have introduced me to some crazy stuff including a band named Prozzak which I blast while doing the dishes or when I need a burst on the treadmill.

  7. sdh Says:

    ok, here are the songs that i heard on my ipod’s random shuffle on the way home today:

    1. virginia woolf by the indigo girls. i think knowing all of the IG’s songs is required at women’s colleges, and this is one of their most women’s college-y songs. not my fave, but it’s ok.
    2. this side by nickel creek. i did not know nickel creek until i moved to newport. this song reminds me of driving around in a snowstorm with marc, rush and katie my first winter there.
    3. dance hall girls by the duhks. the first time i heard this band, i thought i was hearing a new indigo girls song. the vocalist is very IG-ish. some of their songs are bluegrass instrumentals, which is a little much for me, but their songs with vocals are cool folksy/bluegrassy/nickel creekish/IGish. it’s weird these 3 songs all came on one after the other.
    4. machete by moby. i was not in the mood for this song and fast forwarded it.
    5. silent all these years by tori amos. more required women’s college listening.
    6. thought it would be easier by shelby lynne. i like this song, but it reminds me of a former relationship, so i don’t always like to listen to it. luckily it came on just as i was walking in the door and so i turned it off.

    here’s a new music tip — itunes has at least 3 songs available for free download every week. just go to the main itunes store page and scroll all the way to the bottom. there you will find the free on itunes section. new songs are put up on tuesdays. they have single of the week, discovery song of the week, and latin song of the week. they are not all good, but who cares, they’re free!

  8. Rush Says:

    Firstly, I’d like to take personal credit for Anna’s “Better Off Alone” and “Jessie’s Girl,” both of which I think originally came from my computer. (Not that’d we’d ever trade copyrighted material, because we never ever would. Ever.)

    Nextly, I’d like to second AML’s nomination of The Weepies. They are so cute er, rockin.

    Lastly, my contribution to the HankandWillie playlist is Brad Paisley’s “I’d like to check you for ticks” Does that link violate the promise I made in Firstly?

  9. Rush Says:

    Yep. That’s my second link failure in Anna’s comment section. (How many strikes do I get, Anna?)

    Here’s that song:

  10. H Says:

    sweet jane (original lou reed, not cowboy junkies)
    best of James (the whole album)
    Come on Eileen – dexy’s midnight r

  11. Anna Maria Says:

    Here is what I like to play on my iTunes list ( it is a bit of a mix)…

    1. The Riddle Five for Fighting Two Lights Rock – great song to listen to the meaning of it all….life!

    2. Dance Away Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music Street Life -Greatest Hits Alternative & Punk – Getting back to basics with this song : )

    3. It Ends Tonight All-American Rejects Move Along- okay this you hear all the time but I believe it will be a classic too

    4. These Foolish Things Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music Street Life Alternative & Punk-I know you asked for 3 but this was our wedding song. Always a favorite for us…just had to add this too :>


  12. Jess Says:

    Unfortunately we have been friends too long, and Laurie & 80s child appeared first on my new ipod (thank you Dan!). So i’m little help except:

    1. Garden State movie soundtrack – I didn’t get the movie at all, but I love this soundtrack.

    2. Dixie Chicks – all of it. Great fun.

    3. Good Night & Good luck soundtrack

    Haven’t shown any alternative stripes here, but I do like the White ones (white stripes!!!)

    If this doesn’t work there is always Dan Zanes!


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  15. Nicki Pardo Says:

    OK, so here are a few I’ve been using for spinning lately. Strange mix but oh so much fun:
    1. Baby I’m a Star (Prince)
    2. Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes) I also wanted to use Add It Up but it is chuck full of swears and sexual references… not the kind of thing I should play at full volume for a family focused YMCA class.
    3. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band)

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