This is your house on Real Simple


So, you know how much you clean the house when you have guests coming?

Guess how much you clean the house when you have Real Simple magazine coming?

To take photos. IN YOUR HOUSE.

This much.

img_4009.jpg img_4006.jpg img_4001.jpg

So this morning, as you sip your coffee  and read through the excellent music suggestions from my rocking readers, think of me enjoying my clean house, getting my hair and makeup done (!) at my house (!) and posing behind my computer to bring you “life made easier.”

Full story on this whole deal later. But you’ll have to excuse me while I go figure out what the heck I’m going to wear.

And to ask my children and husband to exit the house from the second story, because I DON’T EVEN WANT THEM BREATHING in the downstairs this morning.

Edited to add: Here’s the final result.


7 Responses to “This is your house on Real Simple”

  1. B. Says:

    Wow! Looks pretty neat and tidy. Who knew two boys under 3 live there. Like the lilac picture too.

  2. sdh Says:

    So, how did it go?!

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