Without you, it’s going to be “Twinkle, Twinkle”

Okay, you guys were SO GOOD at giving me music suggestions that I have to come back at you with this request: I desperately need your help finding a song or songs for the one-year slide show I will make for Henry soon, because he will be a year old in just a few weeks.

It will take me another year of his life just to weed through the hundreds (thousands?) of photos I have taken of him, so I don’t have time to find the appropriately heartwrenching and uplifting music for this, at least if I’m going to get this done before he turns two. I know there are good songs out there that would be perfect for this, but it just hasn’t come to me yet.

Here are a few photos, fast forwarding through 11 months of Henry’s life for inspiration.

Two days old, or in NICU parlance, day of life # 2



Five months



Eight months



Ten months



Eleven months and two weeks




I did one for Will with several songs, from Stevie Wonder (Signed, Sealed, Delivered–get it? For a new baby?) to Vertical Horizons The Man Who Would be Santa and other oozy, groovy, lovey songs.

But now I need some new material, and I know you’ve got it.

I will even post an Internet-friendly (i.e., short!) version of the slide show here with the best suggestion I get. Do I know how to tempt you all or what!

P.S. Red…not to worry, I have almost no idea how to text message, but the comments/song suggestions go below, just click the link where it says “No comments.” And now knowing that, you are more tech-savvy than I am, by far!


8 Responses to “Without you, it’s going to be “Twinkle, Twinkle””

  1. Molly Says:

    Heart breaker indeed!

    My suggestion is Still Fighting It by Ben Folds. (Lyrics here: http://www.mattsmusicpage.com/benfoldsfive/lstillfightingit.htm)

    Now yes, Amalah did use it on her slideshow, but it made me tear up and I don’t even know her or her baby! I have the song on my iPod and I just love it.

  2. Kate Says:

    (almost!)Walking on Sunshine? I love that picture he is concentrating SO hard!

  3. Maggie Says:

    Beautiful Boy by John Lennon?

    PS I can teach you to text message if you want. It’s quickly becoming one of my primary forms of communication. And there are little pictures that you can insert into the message that are really cute. But usually only other people with your specific service provider can see the little animations and pictures, but they can still see texts and any photos you attach.

  4. B. Says:

    You know, that Dar Williams song…how does it go?…

  5. Anna Says:

    Ouch, Molly, just downloaded it–what a tearjerker! Thanks! Great ideas, folks, keep them coming, please! Jess? Sarah H.? Red? Rush?

  6. Mike Says:

    Man, I guess I’ve dropped off the list. I’m not even in the list of folks you are requesting songs from! 😉 I see how it is. Heck, great songs here already. Not sure what else to add. How long is the slide show? Will one song cut it? What’s that Boys II Men song? And, take it from me, if I can learn to put punctuation in a text message, than anyone can do it!

  7. Red Says:

    1. Jackson Browne’s ” My Stunning Mystery Companion” off of “The Naked Ride
    2. Anything off of Bruce Springsteen’s “We Shall Overcome:The Seeger
    3. Ben Harper’s “Better Way” off of “Both Sides of the Gun”

    Oh, and “Old McDonald Had a Farm”, by…anyone.

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    […] lest you think I forgot, I am fully aware that I promised a slide show and Part 2. Coming soon, I […]

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