Warning, gratuitous baby photos ahead

I know, I know, it’s been nothing but the Henry channel around here recently, but what would I show you of Will, photos of baby shampoo dripping off the walls?

JUST KIDDING, more about Will next time.

But back to Henry, who was baptized this weekend at our lovely church by the sea, surrounded by a warm and wonderful assortment of family, friends and his wonderful godparents, Maria, Ellen and Rush, who writes about the weekend here.


Between wiping him dry at the font (the water, it’s SYMBOLIC, did he really need to get THAT WET?) and wishing I could eat this yummy cake from Sarah and Rush,


I didn’t get to take a lot of photos, but Auntie Melissa didn’t let me down.

Or any of you.





Henry holding tight to Aunt Kate.


Will in post-cake euphoria.


Henry and his “godsister” Lydia.


Godmother Maria and her handsome fellas.


And one more of Maria’s dashing young man–love those cheeks!


Will biking through the party in search of more fruit salad.


Maria and Henry


Dad and Henry working on Operation Must Walk


Uncle Matt and Henry


Lydia, Jack and Will in a pig pile



And finally, Henry smiling, now that the risk of excessive baptismal waters seem to be a thing of the past!


5 Responses to “Warning, gratuitous baby photos ahead”

  1. ashley Says:

    that picture of the kids in a pig pile is awesome.

    and henry’s outfit is ridiculously cute. he looks like he’s so close to walking!

  2. Molly Says:

    Love the pig pile. And Henry has the old man comb-over thing going in the last picture. Love it!

    PS- sorry I missed our blog lunch. Can we set up another one?

  3. B. Says:

    Love the comb-over! And Will on his head (as usual).

  4. Amy Flood Says:

    how appropriate, pink cheeks for pinky!!

  5. libound Says:

    Looks like a magical day, all smiles and a gorgeous cake. Thank you for these heartwarming photos, so lovely!

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