Do I know how to procrastinate or WHAT!

So Part 2 is proving to be a little harder to write. Because I’m only going to write about it once, and I am, at the heart of it all, doing it for Henry. So I want to make sure it is exactly right.

All that is is just an intro to the part where I say, “Fear not! Because I have another silly post to take its place today! And it is multimedia!”

Taking a page from Amalah’s book, I present our attempts to capture Henry’s walking skills on video.

And yes, this is the WORST EVER job of video editing you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what happened in those first few seconds especially. They’ll show this in film schools everywhere just to say what not to do.

And? I didn’t know this until recently: If you want the little “vimeo” banner to go away while you watch the video, just move your cursor out of the frame. Was I the last person anywhere to figure this out?

And finally, if you are cringing because you have come to me in the past for recommendations on buying a video camera (all two of you) and now you are watching the poor quality of these clips, cringe not: this was shot with the video function of our point and shoot still camera.


4 Responses to “Do I know how to procrastinate or WHAT!”

  1. B. Says:

    Nice job…maybe you should try out for next seasons, “The Lot”

  2. Molly Says:

    So the part where he’s in the hallway…LOVE. Especially how he peeks around the door, runs into the hall, then takes a face plant. So cute! =)

  3. sdh Says:

    Little H has Mad Skillz!

  4. libound Says:

    Nothing to do but smile and smile!
    But, I especially like the part where W. literally runs in circles around (sort of) H. – what a showoff! Big brothers were born to rub it in! Stay tough H!

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