Growing which way, exactly?

I think I need a little break from all the medical lingo and NICU photos, don’t you?

Part 3 will be much more brief and upbeat, I assure you, and so is today’s post.

Will observed my empty breakfast plate the other day and said, “Wow, mommy, you ate a lot of food.”

Brief pause.

“But you’re a growing mommy, and you need a lot of food.”

Now THAT’S a sentiment I can get behind.

Pass the muffins, please! I’m a growing mommy!


8 Responses to “Growing which way, exactly?”

  1. Ashley Says:

    hahahaha. kids are so damn honest. too funny.

  2. ShayShay Says:

    that’s sweet 🙂

  3. Mike Says:

    You’re a growing mommy with those great prickly black things on your legs AND he thinks you’re supermodel gorgeous. I want one just like yours!

  4. Mike Says:

    Um, what? Wait a minute. Would the real Mike please stand up. Someone is putting words in my mouth!

  5. Molly Says:

    Ummm…yeah. We’re having a comment glitch over here…that was ME was posted about your prickly legs!

  6. Christina Says:

    LOL! He is the sweetest kid!

  7. Anna Maria Says:

    That is beautiful! I could see Will now in his tender teenage years…looking for a girl just like his mum, you know that supermodel, who is growing like mommy with those great prickly black things on her legs! They say a boy dates a gal like his mum…looks like poor will with have to go Europe to find offense to those of European background : ) LOL! Love your site Anna!

  8. Anna Says:

    Oh my goodness, poor Will, if he has to find a girl like mama! 🙂
    Glad to see you here again, Anna Maria, thanks for commenting!

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