Who me, ROCKING?

Molly saved me today.

I hadn’t yet figured out what endearing story of childhood I was going to regale you with today, and then!


She nominated me as a Rocking Blogger. Thanks, Molly, I’m honored! And I’m also off the hook for a post.

So I can shelve all those not-so-endearing stories I was thinking of and instead can make some nominations of my own, because you don’t want to miss THESE Rocking Bloggers:

I nominate Rush at Rusharound for having a non-blog before anyone even used the word blog, and for making me laugh every time. Who knew you could drive a scooter from Block Island to Cambridge, Mass.?

And I nominate Mike and Anna at Puck’s Progress for the most hilarious and innovative “waiting-for-baby” blog the world has ever seen.

I nominate Jess at Long Island Bound! for facing the world with pink eye, and also on being a new blogger while job hunting, relocating and planning a wedding now just one month from today. See you in a month, Jess!

And finally, Jen at Get in the car! for her entertaining posts even while rebuilding her whole blog. And for telling me she is SO using the name Henry if she ever has another child. I say go for it, five or more and they raise themselves, I hear!


8 Responses to “Who me, ROCKING?”

  1. Jen M Says:

    Geeze. *blushing* THANKS!

    And Henry it remains, as the number one choice of names should we ever procreate again.

  2. Molly Says:

    Well it’s true…you DO rock!

  3. AML Says:

    Rockin’ blogger indeed! As for baby names, still hanging on to Cantalopa if we ever have a little girl…

  4. Rush Says:

    You give me waaay too much credit. And you and Jess have definitely lifted the game to a new level. You do, very-much-indeed, Rock!

  5. Christina Says:

    Congrats! You deserve it, you Rocker!

  6. Jen M Says:

    I swear you weren’t picked because of this, it was a number drawing, but you were one of the Bonnie Bell winners…can you e-mail me w/ what flavor (Dr. Pepper or Strawberry) and an address? Thanks! Congrats 🙂

  7. libound Says:

    Yeah Bonnie Bell – great for my fave 80’s child! You ARE indeed the rockin blogger – and thanks for the kudos, got a long way to go, but you’re my inspiration!

  8. Mike and Anna Says:

    Wow. Now we feel like we’re really somebodies! We may have to take the pregnant pterodactyl on tour if this thing gets any bigger…

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