Want some fries with that shake?


Thank you all for your wonderful, delicious suggestions—after Henry’s appt. today, I am now eligible to eat my way through that lovely list of dairy! Or to quote Henry’s doctor, “Go on, get out of here and go get yourself a milkshake!”

At least for the next five days, anyway. It is all just one big test, so I am completely aware this could be a temporary visit to the land of milk and honey ice cream if things don’t go well for Henry. But a bountiful visit it will be!

Though I haven’t exactly started it out with a bang. I’m a little ashamed to admit the first thing I had was an iced decaf coffee with real half and half.

I KNOW. It’s not like I’m even a big coffee drinker, really.

But I was in a strange city with no obvious ice cream parlor beckoning me, and I had Henry with me who gets NO dairy until I’m up to four servings a day (I almost asked the doctor to write it out on his prescription pad, so I could say I have DOCTORS ORDERS to get a milkshake. Four times a day.) and I had to race back to the office, and besides, I’ve waited ten months for a milkshake, what’s one more afternoon?

And hold on tight as I change gears going 60 miles an hour, but it is Monday, which means Best Shot Monday, and this is mine:


Lovely Lydia languishing in the lagoon.

Go to Picture This for more Best Shot Monday “In the Water” photos!

And then think of me having a milkshake. Doctor’s orders!


19 Responses to “Want some fries with that shake?”

  1. Molly Says:

    Did I miss you while I was at lunch? Boo. Ice cream trip soon!

  2. melody is Slurping Life Says:

    It took a while, but I got past salivating over your new prescribed diet to the photo. 🙂 What a shot! Everything about it is wonderful, including your model.

  3. Chris Says:

    That picture sure epitomizes what summer is all about, doesn’t it? Love it!

  4. AML Says:

    DAIRY!!!! YAY!!!!

  5. Maya Says:

    Wonderful pool shot! And wonderful that you have doctor’s orders for dairy (because who needs to drink milk when you can get it in the form of a milkshake?)

  6. sdh Says:

    yay! please call to place your cake order. 🙂

  7. Bunny Says:

    I love water pictures. Such good colors and she looks like she’s having so much fun.

  8. MelodyA. Says:

    That is a great shot. Very nice all around.

  9. Stacy Says:

    Wonderful shot in the water. Love her “cheese” expression. 🙂

  10. amygeekgrl Says:

    you are a saint for giving up dairy for so long. i don’t know if i could do it. i mean, i know i could, but i’m so happy i never had to. enjoy all the shakes that you can. 🙂

    love the color and comp in this shot. i want to go swimming! 🙂

  11. Kim Says:

    Since I only catch your blog on Mondays, I had to go back a little and figure out why you were off dairy… then to see that it was soy and eggs too! I have to say that you are the MOM! seriously. I laid off eggs for about a year while I was nursing my oldest. I never realized how much stuff had egg in it until I had to read the labels. So, welcome back to the land of dairy. I hope Henry tolerates it.
    Love your bsm!

  12. Kate Says:

    Hooray! We’ll go get ice cream at the Drawbridge next week!

  13. Christina Says:

    YAY!!!! So glad dairy’s allowed again! It’s probably a good thing you’re taking it slow – your body might rebel against all that dairy after so long without any! Enjoy that milkshake, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well next week…

    Such a fun BSM! I love the distortion under water, and the goggles and toothy grin combo is pricless!

  14. Karen Says:

    What a great shot! I love all the repeating purple diagonals. She looks like she’s having a blast.

    Congratulations on the return of the dairy. Nice choice on the ice coffee, even if it was just a quick fix on the way to your milkshake. Here’s hoping these next few days go well!

  15. Cari Says:

    I hope you’ve had that milkshake by now! 🙂

    That is a great pool shot. I love the composition.

  16. Julie Says:

    Love the diagonal on this one–and she has a great smile!

  17. B. Says:


  18. Molly Says:

    Can we go for ice cream now? Seriously, I could use some!

  19. For the love of Christmas cookies « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] LOVE them. And I plan to enjoy them wholeheartedly this year, because last year? Was Christmas with no egg, no dairy and no soy. And while my family came through with AMAZING substitutions (email me if you need help in that […]

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