If I could just figure out how to bottle this

Emily at Not that You Asked poses an interesting question

How is it that they go to bed with hair looking like this:



And wake up looking like this?


Because? I’ve tried it, and all I get is that “My, your hair sure looks like you brushed it with a porkchop” kind of day.

And without that sweet baby smell, too.


And congrats to Emily on her brand new blogging gig at Parents.com, go check her out!


5 Responses to “If I could just figure out how to bottle this”

  1. Molly Says:

    When I woke up this morning I had two Hasidic Jew curls on either side of my face. That’s it. No waves anywhere else. Just in the front. The rest was frizzy.


  2. Laura McIntyre Says:

    My daughters hair seems to always look its best when she gets up in the morning, how come its always a mess after nap though

  3. B. Says:

    Just call me, slick…

  4. Stacy Says:

    Oh, I hear ya! My daughter’s hair is super curly after bath and when she wakes it is more straight than curly. In the summer time sweaties she gets curl back during the day, but I fear this winter her hair will be mostly stick straight. 😦

  5. melody is Slurping Life Says:

    LOL. Let me know if you solve the mystery. I have two with perfect hair, regardless, at my house and one who wakes with major bedhead daily. BTW, he is precious.

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