The Fluffy Mackerel Pudding might be my favorite

Okay, I’ve got plenty of other stuff to post about, like the delicious goodness that was Will’s birthday cakes (yes, cakes plural, but at least he didn’t get THIS, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere), and that magazine is now out on newstands everywhere, and it’s not everyday your hands are shown LARGER than LIFE size on the pages of a magazine.


Today instead I share with you this tour of original 1970s Weight Watchers cards, brought to you by the hilarious Candyboots, who was smart enough to get a book deal out of these culinary horrors. You have NEVER laughed so hard, I assure you.

For example:


These are the saddest diet beverages ever.

The one on the right is skim milk and orange pulp. The one on the left is made with water, sherry extract, and two beef bouillon cubes.

No, really.

Well, there’s also celery in it. Oh, and SELF-LOATHING.

Or this one:


I hope that you can see that this is a jellied salad. Do you see it glisten? Do you require a close-up to understand that these beans and mushrooms and pimiento strips are one solid, glistening mass?

See how the Ceramic Mushroom Family has gathered to show their children what happens to bad little mushrooms.

Be sure to click your way through the whole tour, you don’t want to miss Candyboot’s delicious commentary on the food AND the insane props (The time you spent eating these is time you’ll want back at the very end of your life. That’s why they’re served with a clock.) And you SURE won’t want to miss the Chilled Celery Log, the Snappy Mackerel Casserole and the (what?) Caucasian Shashlik.


Have a compelling desire to make these recipes and photograph them?

You aren’t alone!


12 Responses to “The Fluffy Mackerel Pudding might be my favorite”

  1. Karen Says:

    Wow, I may just have nightmares about that bean and mushroom salad. That’s great that you hit the newsstands! I read through your archives a while back and thought that whole thing sounded like so much fun.

  2. Molly Says:

    Oh wow. Baaaad little mushrooms. Hilarious!

  3. Stacy Says:

    Oh lordy, that is truly disgusting…and a little bit funny! Oh and congrats on being in the magazine…very cool!

  4. sdh Says:

    oh i saw those recipes a few years ago, i forgot about them. still gross!
    bring the mag to rochester if you think of it so we can all see…

  5. JC Says:

    I’m more of a “razzleberry dressing” type of guy.

  6. Maya Says:

    Those mushrooms are hilarious! And yes, we do have a friend in common, Rush & Sarah. We met them through Marc who is one of my husband’s oldest friends.

  7. Christina Says:

    Wow, too cool about your magazine premier! I’ve had a subscription to Real Simple for years now, but I didn’t know that’s you. Neat-o.

    And, um, yum-o on the recipe. Actually, no, I can’t even pretend those look good.

  8. Beta Mom Says:

    I’m laughing out loud and the cautionary mushrooms!
    No wonder we were all 20 pounds lighter, considering the choices!

  9. Kate Says:

    The Gallery of Regrettable Food
    by James Lileks

    A similar book I read last summer, neatly divided into chpaters with lots of pictures! Based on those old cooking pamphlets from womens magazine, this book has tons of “helpful hints” for the new cook! Her also wrote one on parenting tips from the ’50s

  10. maria Says:

    Oh. how I laughed just now. It seems like an unlikely favorite, but The Hot Wraps were so understated in all of their green-ness, and really didn’t need another prop but being oh-so-green. I see NOW why you needed blog-space to share your glee over this one!

  11. Laura McIntyre Says:

    Oh god how truely gross, im totally put of the idea of food now

  12. Art of the Odd » …and other engineered pork products Says:

    […] started with this — an innocent-looking blog post entitled “The Fluffy Mackerel Pudding might be my […]

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