Hands, ready for your close up?

Well, it’s a rainy day with two active boys at home, so this will be brief, but just wanted to finally post the end result of all this nonsense.


Yup, those are my hands.

The August 2007 issue of Real Simple, now on newsstands and in recycle bins everywhere.

I’ll spare you the photo of me in the wrinkled shirt.

You know, sitting oh-so-naturally-and-casually outside with my (borrowed) laptop on a bench that fell apart a week later and I can’t believe it didn’t crumble while I was on it (now THAT would have made for an interesting photo).

So there you have it.

Let me know if you want me to add you to my Real Simple casting mailing list—maybe we’ll see YOU in there next!


11 Responses to “Hands, ready for your close up?”

  1. Anna Maria Says:

    Hi Anna,
    Love to be on the Real Simple list…Count me in.
    Great hands too…by the way!

  2. Karen Says:

    Oh! I love that you’re in this issue because now I have two excuses to buy it. dooce apparently has a piece in the same issue. Fun!

    I love the shot of your hands. One of my favorite photos of all time is one of my mother holding my nephew. You can see so much detail in my mom’s hands, and its so familiar to me. It seems strange, but I bet your boys will love having that photo.

    And I would love to be on the Real Simple list. The address I gave you for the brownie recipe (merrilyrolling *at* yahoo) wouldn’t be the best one, but if you send me a note there I’ll get back to you with the better one (you know, the one I don’t post in blogs because it has all that juicy personal info attached to it). Thanks!

  3. AML Says:

    Definitely add me to the list! Today’s the last day of the summer research students and so I’m about to get my life back. Can’t wait to catch up.

  4. Christina Says:

    I got my magazine a couple weeks ago and flipped right to that story to read all about YOU! Too cool! My MIL gave me the subscription and I shared your “behind the scenes” view with her. :o)

    Sure add me to your mailing list!

  5. jennifergg Says:

    Add me to the list! Being considered, in any way, “REAL SIMPLE” is wishful thinking, to be sure…but like they say, build it and they will come???

    Jennifer Graf Groneberg
    jennifer (at) jennifergrafgroneberg (dot) com

    thank you!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Hey Anna! Thanks for the visit to my pathetic blog…and I gotta say, now that I’ve come visited yours, I’m feeling PARTICULARLY pathetic in comparison. 😉

    Ooh, and yes, please do add me to your mailing list. Thanks and hope to see you soon.

  7. Kristi Says:

    OOOOH! I KNOW A SUPASTAR!!!!! Add me! And that’s a pretty picture of your hands.

  8. Maya Says:

    I saw this issue! And I didn’t notice the wrinkles!

    Add me to the list for sure!

  9. tracey Says:

    That just plain rocks. Can’t wait to see the issue!! Me next, me next!

  10. libound Says:

    We bought the magazine in the airport on the way to the Honeymoon! All the sweeter a trip with you in our carry-on! Lovely!

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    […] Some people might not know my nerdy Scrabble background (who else do YOU know who has been in Real Simple magazine for playing Scrabble with friends?), and while I am not the player I once was (two children and a business will do that to you), I do offer all my booked wedding clients the chance to take $250 off their package if they can beat me at Scrabble. […]

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