The new shoe review

Well, I have about a zillion more kid photos to post (its kind of like finding overdue library books under your couch and then returning them—such a good feeling!), but since not every since one of my readers wants to see nothing but kid photos here, and I have about 30 seconds to write a post today, I will instead share with you today the comic brilliance of my favorite shoeru, Molly.

I excerpt my favorites from Molly’s picks here, along with her hilarious commentary. (Thanks for the post material today, Molly!)

What happens when you add a strap to a kayak:

This is the perfect disguise for puffy pregnancy ankles. Because it’s much better to look like a python is swallowing you whole.


Hurt your foot? No problem! It’s a shoe and an ankle brace in one!


Dear Mom and Dad, today at summer camp I made a Native American Dreamcatcher in the arts and crafts shed. My counselor said it was looking a little boring, so I added some yarn from the scrap bucket. I hope you like it!


You know those woven plastic/rubbery lawn chairs that you accidentally leave outside all year, causing their shiny whiteness to turn gray? I turned mine into a shoe for you.


And while you are visiting Molly? Share YOUR all time worst fashion moment ever, and see what fashion atrocities her readers are confessing to in the comments. And I thought an OP half shirt with a Bermuda bag was bad.

We’ll be back with cute kids tomorrow. Have a good day. Now where did I put my dream catcher shoes?


6 Responses to “The new shoe review”

  1. Molly Says:

    Haha thanks for the shout out! Glad I could be of service. 🙂

  2. B. Says:

    The list will probably includine Crocs ( as a fashion mistake in a few years… although I do love my pairs!

  3. Mike Says:

    Um, aren’t some of those photos of my kids? And I’ve got to read about shoes again? Ugh.

  4. Christina Says:

    Where the heck do you find this stuff, Anna?! hysterical.

    And bring on the cute kiddies. :o)

  5. Rush Says:

    I could read this kind of thing all day. Thank you Anna and Molly!

  6. Maya Says:

    I so needed to read something like this today!

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