How to charm me

Tell me for the eighty-billionth time how much you love my painted toenails.

Will: Mommy?

Me: Yes?

Will: I love your toenails. A LOT.

Me: Thank you, sweetie!

Will: Someday I will have pink toenails, too. When I am a big man. And a daddy.


15 Responses to “How to charm me”

  1. MelodyA. Says:

    Oh! I think I love him, too!

  2. Christina Says:

    Aw! Got an extra Wil you can send me? What a charmer!

  3. Molly Says:

    Hahah so cute. What did B have to say about that?

  4. B. Says:

    Hmmm, I thought Will would have been more of a OPI “Yucatan if U Want” kinda guy…

  5. libound Says:

    Oh sweet! You are so lucky in so many ways – gorgeous toenails being one of them! Still reading old entries. I love my Henry too.

  6. my minivan is faster than yours Says:

    How sweet, you two will be able to enjoy “pedi day” together!

    Honestly, soooo sweet!!

  7. Toonsis Says:

    Sooooooooo-where is the photo of those pretty pink toes?
    Fast forward to Will’s first dance with a girl who looks like his mum, you know the “growing supermodel” – I see shorts with those great prickly black things on the legs, oh yeah and pink toe nails, but wait…a clearer view shows those legs aren’t the “growing supermodel” girlfriend but Will’s legs and toes : )
    You got a love that Will, so cute in so many ways!

  8. Laura McIntyre Says:

    What a cutie, i love love the things kids say

  9. sdh Says:

    Will’s not the only little boy who wants painted toenails. Apparently it’s very trendy in the toddler community, so no worries!

  10. laura Says:

    my 5 year old son tells me this all the time.

  11. Chelle Says:

    Definitely need an image of those toes. And perhaps of other pink little toes, too? I love it!

  12. Advice wanted. PLEASE. « Hank & Willie Says:

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  13. Rush Says:

    All this sure beats “barefoot with embarrassment.”

    Slightly embarrassed these days,


  14. amygeekgrl (Crunchy Domestic Goddess) Says:

    oh! – love him! 🙂

  15. You should SEE the bite marks on my hand « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] of trucks in my house? I know the fascination with princesses, fairies, earrings, dress up and nail polish is mostly because he has never really seen it until now, with  lots of girl playmates at nursery […]

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