Is this why they say parenting is like riding a roller coaster?

So, did he read this? Because yesterday Dream Boy came to the table instead of Monster Boy. After I picked him up from his care yesterday we swam, we played, we read new library books. He hugged me and Henry when we picked him up and told us he missed us, he didn’t fuss at dinner, he didn’t snatch any toys from his brother, he voluntarily brushed his teeth and he went to bed with a smile and a kiss.

So thank you, Internet parents, I think you straightened him right out. At least for a day. But seriously, thank you all so much for your kind advice. I have taken all of your thoughtful, supportive and humorous comments to heart, and I so appreciate you taking the time to write. So Christina and Maya, I will keep notes for your someday tantrum throwers, to my sister and Ashlea and Sheri at My Minivan is Faster Than Yours, thank you for making me LAUGH and Summer at MommyBabble, thanks for the martini suggestion. At breakfast. Not a bad thought.

And the rest of you, like Karen and Stacy and Mike, for simply just letting me know I’m not alone, it really helps! And most of all to Arizaphale for her always warm and thoughtful words, and sage advice about food! I stuffed a cheese stick and two fig newtons into him as soon as I picked him up yesterday, and I am sure that helped, too. Here’s wishing you all a tantrum free day.


And because it wouldn’t be a post without photos, here are some from the darling diva’s birthday party last week. I love summer birthdays!


Yum, summer birthday cake.


The birthday girl.


She wasn’t the only one enjoying cake!


Will waiting anxiously for his slice of cake.


Boys on the bench.


The birthday bathing beauty.


Slip slidin’ away.


And Theo, who had a birthday earlier in the month, and I promise his photos are next!

For the whole set, click here.


19 Responses to “Is this why they say parenting is like riding a roller coaster?”

  1. Shannon Says:

    We’ve had the same over here, Anna. Ian has been a doll this week! So polite, so talkative – so bizarre!

  2. B. Says:

    Guess my advice about it being ok to serve lemonade and cookies before breakfast worked! My parenting 101 book should be out soon…

  3. sdh Says:

    That slip N slide picture is fantastic, I love the expressions!

  4. Molly Says:

    He looks so New England! Love it.

  5. ...BeccaLynn Says:

    Ms. Darling Diva is ADORABLE. I’ve never seen a child with so many…’mature’ expressions. I’ll have one of her, with strawberries on the side please.

  6. EIS Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Great pictures, and such fun–no wonder Martha keeps asking if we’re going to a birthday party today

  7. my minivan is faster than yours Says:

    Oh YUM! I didn’t even realize it was legal to actually make your kids’ birthday cakes. I thought you HAD to buy them pre-made. Good to know. Good to know πŸ™‚

  8. L B Says:

    i love, love, love your photography Anna!! Kids are awesome models πŸ™‚

  9. mikesgotnothin Says:

    You think her photography is good, L B, you should try her brownies. Oh, wait, you did!

  10. Kim Says:

    great photos! I’m so glad Will was better for you, at least for a day.

  11. Maya Says:

    Glad to hear the day went better! Hope it continues throughout the long weekend.

    And that boys on the bench shot is precious. I love kid’s feet. What age do they get gross looking? πŸ™‚

  12. Christina Says:

    Yay for a better day today!

    Darling pictures as always. I love your style. The slip-n-slide one is my favorite!

  13. Smiling Mom Says:

    Great Pictures!!

  14. Christina Says:

    Hey Anna! Nope, I can’t see your e-mail from my comments section. Hardly any of the e-mail are reocrded – kinda annoying! But e-mail me at and I’ll get you my address. Your music sounds awesome – THANK YOU!!!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and found the tips helpful! I’m sorry to say I don’t remember my exact PP on that last one…I did it about a week ago and didn’t keep track of what I was doing. but the basic idea was heavy gaussian blur to everything but an oval around her with wide feathering (maybe 200?), and then a sepia treatment (my standard way to do that is convert to b&w and then add 2 clicks more red, 1 click less blue). And I lightened it a lot. I think I also used a couple OptikVerve filters. HTH…at least a little!

  15. libound Says:

    Oh gorgeous photos – what a birthday girl, if she gets anymore beautiful with age, all the fellas are in real trouble. Love “boys on the bench.” And all…. Thanks for this visit.

  16. arizaphale Says:

    Firstly, thanks for YOUR kind words and I hope the fodd thing continues to help. As I said its not foolproof…..I think our Small Boy now suffers from the same thing but we can’t get him to eat ANYTHING. Its sooooo frustrating.

    Secondly, I just saw your ‘Struction Zone cake post. Brilliant! I LOVE the crumbles pile of dirt. Inspired! I might have to do a birthday cake post myself. Its the only thing I do religiously every year in the kitchen πŸ™‚

    Thirdly, great shots of the birthday party and WOW isn’t the birthday girl a little DOLL!!! Heartbreaker in the making. Pix of the cake eating lads were funny too.

    Fourthly, Christina is talking about gaussian blur and sepia treatments again!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAUUGH I have gone all sweaty and am hyperventilating. Still, at least she didn’t say ‘opacity’. hahahahahah

    Of course I am dead jealous of her amazing expertise and knowledgeability (I made that word up) when it comes to photoshop!!!

  17. arizaphale Says:

    er..I meant food not fodd

  18. Dawnomite! Says:

    Anna, these birthday pictures are absolutely incredible. How did you get them so sharp & clear? I love the rich colors in each one. And the slip & slide one, wow. Don’t come much better than that.

  19. Anna Says:

    Dawn, you are so nice to say that!
    First, they are carefully weeded out to get rid of the soft ones!
    But mostly I can give credit to my beautiful 85 mm f/1.8 lens–it is DELICIOUS!
    I’m realy loving the sharpness of prime lenses these days, it makes a difference, I think.

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