Up a tree

This one is from way back in the beginning of the summer, which feels like years ago, doesn’t it? No time to post much today, but here’s my Best Shot Monday!


I love this one of Will and his pal Ian. Who has a clean face. Unlike his friend Will.


More of the dirty face.

And, what’s that clever frame technique I’m using in Photoshop, you ask? Couldn’t be easier:

1. Find appropriate tree at playground

2. Wait until children go inside and stick head out through hole (.2 seconds after they find the tree)

3. Snap photo

4. Voila!



Happy Labor Day, everyone!


23 Responses to “Up a tree”

  1. emily Says:

    I love the first one with both faces peeking out – simply adorable!

  2. NTE Says:

    I love it when opportunities like this present themselves. And, yes, the beginning of summer feels like it was both yesterday and a million years ago.

  3. Bunny Says:

    I love the pictures! You read my mind, I was just wondering how you got their faces in the tree! lol.

  4. mrss1228 Says:

    aw I love those photos!! such handsome boys.

  5. Maggie Says:

    That is too cute!

    What is it about kids and wanting to stick their heads in holes anyway?!

  6. MelodyA. Says:

    Adorable! Fantastic eyes in that second one. And thanks for that photo tip. πŸ˜‰

  7. Christina Says:

    Too charming! Doncha love it when they present us with the perfect shot like that? I really love your boys expression in the first one.

  8. Erinne Says:

    Adorable. Wonderful shot!!

  9. megan Says:

    love naturally framed photos like that — very cute!

  10. carrievoris Says:

    Perfect framing opportunity! I love the first one with both of them, too! But they are all nice.

  11. amygeekgrl (Crunchy Domestic Goddess) Says:

    cool tree and such cute pics of your sweet boys!
    and yes, the beginning of summer feels like forever ago.

  12. Mike Says:

    Natural frames always beat digital ones, if you ask me.

    Enjoy the week.



  13. ...BeccaLynn Says:

    Hehe. Ian is posing like any good boy should. And then there’s William. Who looked like he swam in a puddle to get ready for the shot. He’s so adorable though!

  14. melody is Slurping Life Says:

    The first is my fave, although I don’t know…lovin’ that dirty face close up. That tree screams for photo shoots!! Beautiful work.

  15. my minivan is faster than yours Says:

    Good looking men, there! My kids always have the dirty faces in public. Three years ago I would’ve told you no way would I let my kids have dirty faces in public, and now I’ve convinced myself it’s just cute.

    The bar keeps lowering and lowering!

  16. Meliss Says:

    Such fun photos. πŸ™‚

  17. Maya Says:

    I like that kind of technique! Fun shots…and I love that you didn’t Photoshop out the dirty face!

  18. phyllis Says:

    how awesome is that tree! love the first one, and the dirty face just makes it all even better:-)

  19. B. Says:

    Um, where can I get a tree like that for my back yard?

  20. Chelle Says:

    The cutest boys I’ve ever seen wearing trees!

  21. Laura McIntyre Says:

    LOL I just love it, both boys look so cute – have to try that photoshop technique πŸ™‚

  22. Shannon Says:

    hee hee! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. arizaphale Says:

    What an amazing tree! Looks like a pretty amazing playground πŸ™‚

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