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Time to show up, Puck!

September 9, 2007

Busy as a bee here, sorry I left you with the pee story as your lingering post. This will be quick (it’s our *anniversary! hooray for seven years!) but if you’re looking for something to do you might want to check in with the super-talented writers Mike and Anna over at Puck’s Progress. Perhaps the most creative waiting-for-baby blog (with FANTASTIC photos) ever seen, these two are now TRULY waiting on Puck’s Progress. Anna was due Sept. 5, then it was changed to Sept.7 by some demonic OB, and STILL NO PUCK.

Which, naturally, led one of their commenters to ask, “Where the f**k is Puck?!”

It’s now Sept. 9, and I can only hope they are holding Puck in their arms right now and are just too busy being parents to post. Or else they are trying to encourage labor by bringing Puck to another iconic Washington location. Go wish them luck with Puck!

And how fabulous is this shirt that Anna is wearing? (Scroll down to end of post.) It would be worth being pregnant again to wear it.

* And no, I don’t have a wedding photo to post, come on, I was married in the dark ages of 2000, you think I have digital photos of me in Duchesse silk satin just hanging around? I was tagged by Christina for the Face Behind The Blog, so when I get some scanning done, I’ll include a wedding one. Deal?