Hank & Willie – The Lost Blog Post

Guest Blogger #1: Mike

Well, I’m Mike from I Got Nothin’. You might not know me, but if you’re a regular reader of Hank & Willie, then you should definitely thank me.


Well, someone deserves credit for getting Anna going on this blog thing. And, well, that someone is me.

Hank & Willie may have officially started in February 2007, but I’ve got proof that it really started prior to that, during the fall of 2006.

Besides a great infatuation with the NBC show Vegas, Anna and I share the joy of two children. Well, not together. But you know what I mean. I can always go to her with stories of Aidan and Erin, and she is always welcome (and encouraged) to share stories of, well, Hank & Willie.

After getting some emails from her while she was working from home during her maternity leave, I knew I had to persuade this person to get into the blogosphere.

And, you, faithful Hank & Willie readers, will now have the chance to see the evolution right before your eyes, because I am in possession of what I believe to be the first (and also unofficial) Hank & Willie entry. What you see below is the actual email transcript from what I’ve dubbed the lost Hank & Willie blog.

From: Anna
Sent: 11/14/2006 9:03 AM
To: Mike
Subject: Days like this I need a blog…

So yesterday was just one of those days!

10 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday
Henry writhes around in pain with his tummy troubles, we get no sleep

6 a.m.
Will pops out of bed

6-7:45 a.m.
Henry sleeps like the baby he is, until…

7:46 a.m.
Will falls from our bed onto on my nightstand onto his two front teeth and the screams wake the baby that didn’t sleep all night

7:47-10 a.m.
We hold poor screaming bleeding Will, give him ice, call the pediatrician, call the pediatric dentist, get an emergency appointment, feed him motrin and popsicles and wonder if the tooth that got halfway pushed up into his gum will come down. Henry is ignored. When we finally pick him up, he has wet through his pjs, onto our bed, onto our sheets.

10 a.m.
Go to pediatric dentist, who decides to let it heal on its own. His poor face is so swollen that his mouth is shaped like a beak. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I look at him.

12 noon
Arrive home, feed Will more popsicles, soft foods and promises of movies on the couch when he wakes up from his nap

12:30 – 2
Will naps, I strip our bed, wash sheets and talk to pediatrician who is completely stumped about Henry’s tummy troubles since his allergy tests all came back negative. She talks to pediatric GI specialists at Yale and Hartford who are also stumped, but want me to try two full weeks of soy-free and milk-free diet before they see Henry. Which is great if you like applesauce and chicken. At every meal.

OK, I’m stopping it here. There is more. But by now you get the point. She realized, despite a traumatic situation involving her kids, that she’s got endless content for a blog. So just a few months later, the Hank & Willie you know and love didn’t just start – it hit the ground running. If only the same could have been said for Will when he fell from the bed. While that would have been a much better situation for him, you Hank & Willie readers might not have ever realized there was a Hank & Willie to begin with.

There you have it. The story behind the story. And the best part of Hank & Willie – plenty more stories to come!


5 Responses to “Hank & Willie – The Lost Blog Post”

  1. Christina Says:

    It’s good to hear the backstory! Mike, a most heartfelt thanks to you for the role you played in the birth of Hank and Willie. :o)

  2. Beta Mom Says:

    It’s amazing, Mikey…all the little blog babies you’ve sent out into the world. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  3. carrievoris Says:

    Thanks Mike for giving Anna a “kick in the…” so to speak!!

  4. Princess extraordinaire Says:

    It’s good to knOw the history form which this blog wa created..thanks!

  5. Michelle Says:

    great job getting Anna into the blogging world Mike. huge props! 🙂

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