Maria’s Best Shot Monday

Guest Blogger #2: Maria

Anna has taken a vacation from the world of blogging and is traveling to points north or “Down East” as they say. She has asked me to write a guest-entry, which, with some trepidation, I have agreed to write. My name is Maria. I am a wife, a mother, and a Physician Assistant in an Emergency Department.  And yes, I do have some stories from the E.R. that I could tell, but they are not as juicy as the ones you can already see on ER_ or Grey’s Anatomy which I do admit to  watching. So, no ER stories today.

Before agreeing to this blog-writing task, I did inform Anna of my diagnosis of A.T.D. (Acute Technical Difficulties) when it comes to computers.  She, in turn, acknowledged that she was well aware of this trait, as she should be since it is Anna that often has to talk me down from the proverbial roof of computer-confusion and despair.  More about this another time (IF I’m asked back!). Let it suffice to say that Anna has assured me that SHE will handle whatever goes into posting this little ditty.  What you need to know is that recently my mid-nineties model computer had a lengthy and painful demise, and I had to say goodbye to Windows 95 (Yes, I said Windows 95 which was a PERFECTLY GREAT PROGRAM in 1995) and join the ranks of THE NEW WORLD with a new computer! With which I I could read BLOGS! and find a place in the back of the computer that actually could accommodate a USB port!, which meant an IPOD!  And digital photography!  I’m smitten.

Anna and I met many moons ago during our freshman year in college.  We became friends while spending hours together running on the college cross-country team (our coach was fond of forcing us to run with a brick in each hand to hone our appreciation for the work the arms do in making a person run faster), and attending biology classes, and studying for these classes, and biology labs (which included a semester of caring for generations of FRUIT FLIES as a study in genetics) as we worked towards our biology majors. (As an aside, I STILL wonder where they come from when I see them in my fruit bowl on the counter..or do YOU not have that little problem?)

For those of you that know Anna personally, you will probably agree with my description of her (and if you WERE to disagree, you probably aren’t reading her blog anyway).  Anna is one of the most genuine people you will ever know.  She has a quiet intensity and sincerity and applies it to all of her endeavors: motherhood and family, her work, her hobbies. She is humble. She makes time to READ fiction (and non), and write (she knows all the best fonts), take photographs, enjoy the ocean, take walks, play Scrabble, grow beautiful gardens, sing karaoke (she hasn’t been asked back in awhile), knit (AND purl), bake bread (almost daily), research topics that might help her children, her family or a friend, and to cultivate and care about her friendships—among other things, Anna is a true Renaissance woman.


Last Day of Summer

After 17 years, we are still friends.  Despite all the life events that have occurred during this time, and how much closer our friendship is today, seventeen years feels like a moment. Please bear with me during this rather clumsy segue, but if I think 17 years feels like a moment, imagine what the man in the following picture thinks about 17 years or 69 years (number of years married to his wife Rose) or ONE HUNDRED YEARS (number of birthdays celebrated)!



My one-hundred-year-old grandfather as a young boy.


Today with his great-grandson.

My grandfather turned 100 two weeks ago, and continues to be physically strong and mentally sharp.  He attributes this milestone to working hard and eating well (kudos to my grandmother) his whole life.  So there you have it, folks! The secret to the fountain of youth.  Enjoy this photo of the oldest (100 years old) and the youngest (7 months old) members of my family.  Also, remember to somehow enjoy each day.

As the quote on my mom’s refrigerator says, “Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.”

Respectfully submitted while Anna is frolicking up north,

And for more Best Shot Monday, be sure to head over to Picture This!


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17 Responses to “Maria’s Best Shot Monday”

  1. Maggie Says:

    I love love LOVE the pictures of your grandfather! And how lucky that they get to meet each other!

  2. MelodyA. Says:

    I need to somehow get a guest blogger so that they can build me up to look just a fantastic!! Love the pictures of your grandfather and happy birthday to him. And to be married for 69 years!! A history worth telling, thanks.

  3. Brittany Says:

    Ohhh so cute!!! 🙂 Wonderful job, guest blogger!

  4. Stacy Says:

    I love the picture of your grandfather as a boy and now. Fantastic! Good job, guest blogger, Maria! 🙂

  5. Maya Says:

    I’m so glad you joined in BSM while Anna’s away! What a great guest blogger she choose! What history there is to learn from your grandfather. It’s so hard for me to even grasp how much he has seen in his lifetime!

  6. NTE Says:

    That last one, with the baby checking out his grandfather is spectacular!

  7. arizaphale Says:

    Now you have done this…you will have to start your own blog, you obviously have a gift for it! The photos are wonderful and congratulations to your Grandfather.

  8. Christina Says:

    A hearty welcome to you, Maria our guest blogger! Now that you’ve had a taste of blogging, you’ll need your own blog. Wonderful photos, wonderful words, wonderful celebration of your friendship.

  9. maile Says:

    oh, you will treasure that one forever. beautiful.

  10. maria Says:

    Thanks everyone..I loved reading your feedback! And in case you don’t know Anna, the first shot is of Anna, “Hank”, and “Willie” at the beach.
    And to Maya’s comment about all that my grandfather has seen in a lifetime..I think of that often and am lucky enough to ask him about events…which he REMEMBERS! He can recall the details of his youth and the history of the world that corresponds to that. He sold newspapers on a streetcorner as a boy and had to stand his ground when other “newsboys” tried to take his corner…he “picked coke” during the depression to help his family heat their home ( picked up the pieces of coal along the railroad tracks when they were dumped out from the trains) Amazing stories that we can’t even imagine in this day and age..It sure adds some perspective to our lives.

  11. natalie Says:

    Wow! Not only are you a talented writer, but you’ve got amazing pictures with an amazing story to share. I’m sure Anna feels just as lucky to have you for a friend as you feel.

    Thanks for being her guest blogger!

  12. Kim Says:

    A wonderful tribute to Anna. Thanks for sharing your Grandfather with us. What a wonderful picture- the oldest and newest generations of your family. Such a precious gift!

  13. melody is Slurping Life Says:

    Marie, a spectacular post. If we didn’t like Anna before, we do now. 🙂

    The photos are fantastic, true treasures.

  14. libound Says:

    Hi Maria! Great to run into you here! It’s been way too long! Your son is beautiful, as is this tribute to your grandfather. What must he make of the blogosphere? Thanks for a great visit, xoxo to you, and thanks Anna for lining up visits with old friends.

  15. phyllis Says:

    you may say you have “a.t.d.” but you certainly don’t have photo difficulties. these are great. what a wonderful post.

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