Triplets ‘r Us!

Guest Blogger # 3: Amily

 Hello all,

Anna asked me to guest blog this week while she and her family are on vacation (and I hope they’re having a blast!). I would like to first echo Maria’s sentiments about what an amazing person Anna is and how lucky I am to be a part of her life. She makes you feel special every time you see her and it always feels like just yesterday that you did (even if many moons have passed in between interactions). Thanks Anna, for the opportunity to guest blog today!

About me– I’m Amily, Anna’s friend who lives in Boston with her pet cat Kenny and her husband Tyler. Oh yeah, I’m also the one pregnant with triplets. So first off, THANK YOU for all the wonderful advice! It is super helpful as we try to quickly organize and get ready for three new babies. In addition to all of the suggested items we should have when the babies come home and all the fantastic hand-me-downs we are beginning to inherit (thanks again, Anna!), we are also shopping for a new house and a mini-van. Too bad Babies R Us doesn’t sell those with a 10% multiples discount, because I can tell you–neither of these items seem to come cheap or easily in the greater Boston area.

So I assume I should share my current life situation in greater detail. Yes, I have three babies growing inside of my ever expanding belly (all growing right on track which is very good). I am fascinated every time we see them on the screen and I keep wondering how they are all going to fit (for many, many more weeks because our goal is to keep them in as long as possible!!). The doctor seems to think they will find room and my organs, stomach and lungs will just get squished.

People keep asking me “How do you feel?” Answer “FULL.” You see, I am supposed to be eating 4,000 calories/day. Of that I am supposed to drink six glasses of 2% milk/day. (Yes, I said SIX and if I could stomach it, I should really be drinking whole milk too.) I am also supposed to eat somewhere between 90-180 grams of protein (my nutritionist gave the more conservative amount, but the multiples pregnancy bible says the higher amount.) This is roughly the equivalent of 25 eggs or 25 cups of yogurt or 13 veggie burgers or 9 chicken cutlets/4.5 large chicken breasts (I’m not a dietitian, so these are rough estimates to help me make my food choices.) Thankfully, I try to eat a balanced diet of protein and mix it up with different options. I have been consuming around 150 grams of protein/day. Up until a few weeks ago, I was not a meat eater…but now I am. I just like my meat disguised on my plate (but unfortunately, too many spices gives me heartburn, so I am slowly learning to enjoy/savor/quickly swallow so I don’t have to taste it to get the meat into my body.) I tend to eat foods that will help me reach my goal the fastest since I am always full and never hungry (eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken, fish and MEAT.) I keep waiting for the day when I wake up hungry?! I also assume that soon enough I will be getting a lot of my food intake through shakes (Ensure and protein drinks especially…mmmm…yum!) But in the meantime, I just eat. All day. Every day. And drink my milk.

Thank you again for all your terrific advice. If we ever get our act together (or maybe when I become bored on bed rest which I assume may happen in the near future…) my husband and I will start a blog because we know that life will never be the same once these three little babies arrive. And that might just give us some good fodder to blog about (if we can find the time…)


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7 Responses to “Triplets ‘r Us!”

  1. maria Says:

    Amily—congratulations on your pregnancy and keep up the good protein-laden eating habits…all for a GOOD CAUSE! (causes)

  2. Maya Says:

    Amily congrats! Nice to put a name with the triplets! Oh my you have your work cut out for you with the eating! Good luck!!! Those little ones will be nice and healthy thanks to your dedication!

  3. MelodyA. Says:

    Congratulations!! What an incredibly amazing experience you are going through.

  4. Christina Says:

    It’s great to meet all the special people in Anna’s life. :o)
    Many congrats on the triplets! Oh the adventures life has in story for you…I hope you do start a blog, as I’m sure you will have some great stories to tell!
    I had never thought about the dietary requirements of a multiples pregnancy. Oh my!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Believe you me (I’ve got twin three-year-old boys), you will want to have a babies blog! I do and it is so fun to keep track of them this way, especially for far-away friends and family.

    So glad you’d already learned about Dr. Luke! Yeah, it’s really really hard, and it’s surprisingly difficult to get into the eat-eat-eat-eat-gain-all-that-weight! mentality, but the weight does come off. I gained 65+ lbs. with my pregnancy and it was all gone before the boys turned 9 months old, without anything more strenuous than occasional walking and half-hearted Weight-Watchers-ing.

    when i was working during pregnancy, I’d pack a cooler with food to bring to the office to eat on all day long (philadelphia cream cheese cheesecake snack treats are super high in calcium…and yum). Man alive, did I hate food by the end of it. And milkshakes. gah.

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