The Knitty Gritty: Part Three

Hi Hank & Willie readers. I’m Molly. I work with Anna and also write over at These Little Moments.

When Anna asked me to guest blog, it look me a while to figure out what I wanted to write about. But then it dawned on me. Those of you familiar with my blog know I often do a review of the world’s worst shoes, titled Makes My Feet Hurt. (You can check out an example here.) Those posts remind me of some Anna did in the early days of her blog, titled The Knitty Gritty. So for this guest post, I decided to take a stab at some of the worst of the worst knitting out there.

It’s a watch! It’s an arm cuff! It’s…seriously freaking me out. If I wanted to be handcuffed, I’d get arrested. Thanks.


Now before you judge, look how innovative this is! You can hide your money and wipe your child’s runny nose in one shot. Just be sure to tell little Johnny that his sock monkey went to live on a nice farm where he can play all day with the other animals. He’ll never figure out you’re actually wearing it.


What can I say? It’s just not a party until someone puts on the squid hat.


Can’t figure out why you’re stomach is hurting? Then head over to your trusty knitted digestive system. (Now with tongue!) Perhaps what’s bothering you in the pea stuck in the middle?


Well readers, thanks for hanging out with me. This was fun. But Anna, you can come back now. The office is lonely without you.


12 Responses to “The Knitty Gritty: Part Three”

  1. cdp Says:

    Oh Lordy, woman. You are so funny. Seriously? My side hurts after reading this. I heart you.

    And I totally don’t think I knew you two work together. I can be a little slow on the update some days.

  2. Next comes the adult diapers « These Little Moments Says:

    […] P.S. If you need a laugh, check out my guest post at Hank & Willie. […]

  3. cdp Says:

    I meant, uptake. I’m a little slow on the uptake. Now that this is GLARINGLY obvious or anything . . .

  4. Lisa Says:

    Who… who… why… who would ever…


  5. Hope Says:

    Haha! “It’s just not a party until someone puts on a squid hat!” That’s just too much. You’re so funny, Molly!

  6. sdh Says:

    omg, i need a squid hat! does it squirt ink ? awesome.

  7. Christina Says:

    that knitted watch cuff! Oh, that’s what I’ve always wanted, how have I survived this long without it?! LOL

  8. MelodyA. Says:

    I kinda like that arm leg warmer thing. Are you laughing with me?

  9. clinkny Says:

    I’m pretty certain I want that squid hat. Think I can register for it?

  10. libound Says:

    Oh thank you! We haven’t had a Knitty Gritty post in so very long! The guy IN the squid hat is terrifying!

  11. mikesgotnothin Says:

    i can’t help it, this post has just made me squee!!!

  12. Michelle Says:

    what is with that hat?! yikes!

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