So bad it’s good

Greetings, bloggers! I was surprised and flattered when Anna asked me to entertain you all for a day this week while she is on vacation. I don’t have a blog, and as far as I know, she hasn’t seen too much of my writing. But that’s just one more great thing about Anna, she is always willing to take a chance and try new things. Has she written here about the time she swam with some Beluga whales in the aquarium tank?

Anyway, my name is Sarah, and I met Anna through my husband, Rush. You have probably seen me commenting here under my initials, sdh, and passing off my husband’s Not-a-Blog as my own.
I knew Anna and I would be great friends when I found out that she had the 2002 MTV “True Life: I’m Getting Married” episode saved on her Tivo for, like, three years. In addition to loving all things wedding related, Anna and I both have an appreciation for some so-bad-it’s-good trashy TV. For those of you who have not seen this episode, hopefully MTV will replay it again someday. I don’t think it’s been on since You Tube has been around, because I have been looking for days all over the internet for a clip to show you here. A full recap would be too long, but the highlight of the show involves a groom who has just spent $48,000 on his wedding, in a white (!) tuxedo running through the streets of Staten Island screaming at the limo driver who is over an hour late, threatening to cut, gut and hunt him down and ruin his business. I’ll just leave you with that little teaser.

When Anna invited me to guest blog at Hank and Willie, she suggested that, as a librarian, I might give you all some good book recommendations. Well, I am embarrassed to admit that my current pleasure reading is directly correlated to my aforementioned love of trashy TV. Being an academic librarian in one of the world’s better known bastions of higher learning means that all day, every work day, I am surrounded by important people and even more important works of literature. When I get home, or when it’s a slow night at the reference desk, a little mindless fluff is all I am looking for.

I was recently surprised to discover that my library’s collection contains the series of teen novels that have spawned one of this season’s newest and trashiest shows — Gossip Girl. In the grand tradition of teen high school dramas, the series pits the haves vs. the have-nots — or in this case it’s really just the haves and the have-less, because all the kids are private school students on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

I have never been able to resist the pull of the teen dramas. I somehow convinced my parents to let me sleep over my best friend’s house on a school night in 7th grade so that we could watch the series premiere of Beverly Hills 90210 together. My friends and I collected and traded all of the Sweet Valley High books. In college, I spent my Wednesday nights in my friend M’s dorm room watching Dawson’s Creek instead of hitting the frat parties. I cried a tiny tear last year when The O.C. was canceled. But Gossip Girl may be my favorite yet. So far, the books are better, but then again they always are.


10 Responses to “So bad it’s good”

  1. Molly Says:

    I LOVE that episode. How about the woman who quit her job because planning her wedding was more important?

  2. ChiaLynn Says:

    I can’t believe I let you do that to me. I actually watched the whole clip. And after I completely missed The OC, Dawson’s Creek, Seven Tree Hill, Beverly Hills 90210 AND Sweet Valley High. I need to go read some Hemingway or something. (No, I’m really not a snob — just never understood the appeal of teen soaps. Even when I was living one. Maybe especially when I was living one.)

  3. Smiling Mom Says:

    I know exactly which True Life you’re talking about!! It was the first one I ever saw and I thought that the couple was CRAZY!! I wonder if they are still together??

  4. Amily Says:

    Sarah! I love trashy tv, magazines and books. I inherit old issues of gossip magazines from gals I work with (at the same bastion of higher learning that you speak of above…hehehehe).

  5. sdh Says:

    Amily — now I know what to bring you when you’re on bed rest! I will come over and we can watch Gossip Girl episodes online and read US Weekly.

  6. libound Says:

    SDH, thank goodness. I LOVE gossip girl, and that you watch it too is practically permission. I started a blog entry on the topic, but it’s still in draft form in case my academic/librarian mother sees it. Too bad she isn’t more like you. PS – who is the mother & who is the daughter on that show – that blond girl is gorgeous, and at least 30! High school my ass!

  7. sdh Says:

    libound — TV is a perfectly acceptable academic pursuit these days. I wrote my senior seminar paper in sociology on the coming out episode of Ellen’s sitcom! (It was a sociology of popular culture class).
    I say write your blog, and love TV, do not be ashamed!

  8. Anna Says:

    Writing from the TV-FREE capital of the world in crunchy Vermont to say HOW MUCH DO I LOVE MY GUEST BLOGGERS and their taste in TV? And that you are all commenting and chatting with each other while I am gone!

    Love it! (And have not seen Gossip Girls, but will have to check it out….)

  9. Maya Says:

    Sarah you need to get a blog, or a not-a-blog! This is needed in order for me to tell Pat which shows to DVR, and then for him to tell me how to use the controller to watch them!

    Glad Anna asked you to blog!

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    […] and maybe my coworkers Mike and Molly and probably friends like Maria and Jess and definitely Sarah and Rush. I would feel good about keeping an electronic baby book and it would be a place to post photos and […]

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