Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of Summer

What was all that forlorn, gather-roses-while-ye may stuff I was saying back in Sept about the end of summer? Because it is October 22, and here in New England I’m drinking iced coffee, wearing a short skirt with bare legs (hello, pervy Googlers, if you’re seeking Britney, she’s not here.), and I had to dig a pair of shorts out of the BABY CLOTHES TO PASS ON box for Henry, since I had already packed away nearly all of his summer clothes. And they are kind of hot pants (again, Googlers, go home) on him, since he is getting so tall these days. And did I mention my HAIR in the humidity last Friday? Eeek!

But STILL! You will not hear me complain about nearly 80-degree weather in late October! Never! The only thing I will complain about is that today is a work day, because NO ONE SHOULD BE WORKING INSIDE TODAY. Hear that, presidential candidates? No Work on Top Ten Weather Days of the Year? Now that is an issue I could get behind.

But, alas, I AM working today, so I leave you to return to my duties, but not before sharing my Best Shot Monday. This is my lovely guest blogger Maria and her charming young son at eight months. Every mom should have a photo like this with her baby!


For more photos like the one above, click here and for more Best Shot Monday, go to Picture This.

And welcome to my new commenters, including some of my dear friends that have recently posted their first comment, I love it. Keep them coming!


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25 Responses to “Lazy Crazy Hazy Days of Summer”

  1. carey Says:

    that is an adorable picture!!! i do wish i had a picture of me and the bean that was THAT cute.
    great job!

  2. Brittany Says:

    Aw that is so beautiful!!!!!

  3. Kathryn Says:

    That is a great shot! So sweet.
    I just love unexpectedly hot weather. Love it. It is like a wonderful present.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first time to your blog, and I love it! πŸ™‚

  4. MelodyA. Says:

    And what a beautiful backdrop. Really wish we could get that here.

  5. itsallabouthallie Says:

    Your pictures are amazing! You capture such great moments!

  6. Molly Says:

    I’m glad you’re not showing your Britney. I don’t think it’s work appropriate.

    And also, cross your fingers it’s this beautiful next October!!

  7. Crunchy Domestic Goddess Says:

    what a lucky mama to have you to photograph her and her son. great shot! πŸ™‚

  8. megan Says:

    you are so right: everyone should have a great shot like that with their kids — wonderful!

  9. Melissa D Says:

    I love your writing style…and that picture is great!

  10. maria Says:

    Thank you Anna for the great keepsake!

  11. Stacy Says:

    That is a wonderful capture! I bet she is thrilled with it. πŸ™‚ Love those baby smiles…just too cute!

  12. The Lisa Show Says:

    I love that photo! Wish I could take pictures of babies all day long. I’m not the world’s friendliest neighbor, and it might freak people out if I just started asking to shoot their children. Heh.

  13. sdh Says:

    yay Tommy! he is so cute.
    LOVE the weather, even if it leads to depressing thoughts about global warming.

  14. Maggie Says:

    That is an adorable shot!

    I’m totally jealous of your lovely weather – it was like that here over the weekend, and today it’s barely hitting 50 and raining. I much prefer the former to the latter!

  15. Dawnomite! Says:


  16. Maya Says:

    Completely agree that every mom needs a picture like that!

    Amen on the presidential candidate idea!

  17. Karen Says:

    That is a great shot. I have nothing like that with my little one, but now there’s something to strive for. I guess my first step would be trying to look at put together at she does!

    Isn’t this weather the best?! I hope you’re able to enjoy a little of it at some point today.

  18. Erinne Says:

    I am jealous of the warm weather – lol… Beautiful photo.

    I can’t thank you enough for all those websites – that was so kind of you to put them all up there for me. Some I have seen before and others I am enjoying exploring them. So glad that your lil guy has outgrown his allergies. It’s an uphill battle it seems so far with our girl. Again thank-you!

  19. Christina Says:

    Your right, every mom should have a picture like that with her baby…but more importantly, every mom should have a friend like you to take a picture like that of her and her baby!

    Ha, for once here in Texas we’re colder than you. The cold front blew in and it’s damp and dreary with a high of 58. Yesterday was 85!

  20. Stacie Says:

    What a lovely shot!

  21. carrievoris Says:

    yeah, i need one of those photos. she looks gorgeous and so does baby – both so happy.
    i hope you can get out of there early to enjoy some sun and fun!

  22. phyllis Says:

    beautiful pic. i wish i had pics o me and my kiddos that were that cute:-)

  23. Michelle Says:

    I LOVE that photo.

  24. cdp Says:

    I love that photo too. Gorgeous.

    Also I wish like hell that I could beam myself to New England. Drink it in. (And have a sip for me.) πŸ™‚

  25. Cari Says:

    That is a GREAT shot. Definitely one for them to frame. πŸ™‚

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