Bubbie the Cat as muse


Bubbie the cat, begging for mercy from Henry.

After visiting friends in Maine with a very patient cat and dog, Henry and Will are OBSESSED with cats and dogs, especially Henry. Whenever Henry sees a cat now, of any color, he shouts, “Bubbie!” (Buddy was the cat that allowed him to yank on his tail for days on end.)

And we have Buddy to thank for the inspiration for the first two-word sentence he created on his own. (Henry already says things like “Hi, Daddy” and “Sit down!” mostly because he hears them so much, especially the latter. Like when he is walking on the couch.)

So poor Buddy was up on a windowsill, minding his own cat business and seeking a brief respite from the repeated tail yankings. Henry spots Buddy, points up at him and delivers, in an impossibly imperious tone and at the top of his lungs, “Bubbie! Down!”

Brilliant, isn’t he?!

Buddy was pretty brilliant, too, because he stayed just where he was.


So I have this week’s assignment for photo class to post, and again, I would LOVE your critiques. The assignment was to shoot, in extreme close up, baby and kid parts (hands, feet, etc.) or as the instructor describes it, babies as botanicals.

I thought it would be easy compared to getting eye contact and laughter, but it was harder than I thought.

Or my kids just move too much. Have at it, and thank you!


Henry, age 16 months.


Tommy, age 8 months.


Anna, age two weeks.

 (And some of you asked about the class, it is indeed an online course, email me and I will give you the details!)


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16 Responses to “Bubbie the Cat as muse”

  1. Molly Says:

    I love the whispy hair and the scrunchy baby butt!

  2. Stacy Says:

    I like them all, but my favorite is the baby bottem. So cute! The first one, I think the b&w is a little muddy (add some contrast) and I would probably get in closer on it. To get the same type of shot, my suggested composition would be to have a much closer shot of his ear on one side and little wispy hairs on the other. Probably not explaining it well… 😉

    Oh, and I can’t see the poor, poor Bubbie picture. My cat feels his pain! 😉

  3. Anna Says:

    Thank you Stacy! I really appreciate it. I struggled with that conversion, and I think you are right, a different crop would have helped with the overall composition.

    I like the suggestion!

    Wonder where poor Bubbie went, I’ll reload it.

  4. amy Flood Says:

    love the baby bum!

  5. Kathryn Says:

    Oh I just LOVE all the pics! My fav is the back of the neck. I just LOVE that spot on babies. Well, I love all the spots on babies, but the back of the neck and their little backs are too much! Love that shot with the little waves of hair. SOO sweet!

  6. Lisa Says:

    I love the 3rd one best. I laughed at Molly’s comment. It may be the scrunchiest baby butt I’ve ever seen.

  7. clinkny Says:

    The scrunchy baby butt is great!

    But I really love the 2nd one. There’s something magical about it. Also, it revved up my ovaries.

  8. Maya Says:

    I love the close up of the neck/hair. I agree with Stacy that it could be cropped a bit differently and would really stand out!

  9. Kristen Says:

    Found your blog on Mom Blogs in the CT group.. great blog!! : )
    just wanted to say HI!

  10. B. Says:

    First one is my fave.

  11. abby Says:

    the 2 week tushie shot is FABULOUS.

  12. gulfcoastmommy Says:

    I came across you via themomblogs. I am glad I did. These pictures are stunning. I am not a photographer, nor a teacher of such things. I do however love art. I think these shots are beautiful! well done! Hard to pick a favorite, but I think would have to be between the first two.

    much respect~ d

  13. carrievoris Says:

    i think it is wordpress that is on a bender this week…i’ve been having problems with the photo uploads, too.

    that last photo is gorgeous! beautiful. and i love the hands one, too.

  14. Maggie Says:

    Those are so gorgeous! I think my favorite has to be the hands…

  15. Christina Says:

    Oh, that scrunchy little baby butt! So freakin’ cute! That’s a seriously awesome shot. The ear and hands are great, too, but the butt wins. I do agree that more contrast would help the first one.

    You’re not the only one with a cat-obsessed kiddo. Nadia just can’t get enough of them. She’s a cat for Halloween, we read cat books, we pretend that we are cats…yeah, it’s an obsession. Our poor old cat is loved just a little too much.

  16. Cat (Food Coupons) Says:

    One of the things I appreciate most about our feline friends is that they read your emotions so precisely.Then the precious ones without fail make you feel better :)Go Kitties!

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