Look mom, no crash helmet!

You all are too sweet for your kind comments, plus champion readers for checking in on the weekend. Things are looking up here, Will is still not quite himself, but proclaimed this morning, “I’m MUCH better, mommy. ” I would agree.

Henry, on the other hand, has about six more bruises since my last post. He climbs up on the couch and the chair in the family room and…wait for it…he JUMPS to the floor. After saying something that sounds a little like “One, two, three, go!” and a lot like “Daddy! Bump!”

Inspired by his brother, yet thwarted by gravity, I think he is actually starting to learn something after bumping his head on the floor a few times. And for those of you picking up the phone to dial Child and Family Services to report us for LETTING him do it, it would be a bigger help if you could just spend the time coming over here and helping me put a leash on him. And then help me tie it to a stake in the ground. Because that is what it would take to stop him.

When I can find a minute to download it, VIDEO coming soon of the crazy jumping 16-month-old. Set to a background chorus of “Henry, SIT DOWN PLEASE!”


4 Responses to “Look mom, no crash helmet!”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I am glad Will is feeling a little better today. I can’t get my four year old to stop doing flips off the couch either, no matter how hurt he claims to be at times.

  2. Chelle Says:

    Oh my. Sounds like work will be a welcome place without flying toddlers? Good for you posting on the weekend. I could not muster up the courage to commit…


  3. Christina Says:

    Maybe Hunry thinks the hundredth time’s the charm, and jsut becasue he couldn’t fly the first 99 times he tried it doesn’t mean it won’t work this time? Or, maybe he’s a toddler. Yeah, that’s probably it. My kid gets into *every*thing but she’s actually scared to jump off stuff on her own, and for that I’m glad.
    And I’m glad Will is feeling better!

  4. painted maypole Says:

    our pediatrician told us she only worried if the children had NO bruises… because that meant the parents weren’t letting them play enough!

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