Maybe I should have offered more candy

This was this week’s lesson in my photo class, or at least my execution of it. I don’t think it is quite what the instructor had in mind, but it is what it is.*


“Capturing a range of emotions” or as portrayed here, “Capturing silly faces until your child falls and cries and then add a frame of that into the assignment.” I wonder if I get bonus points for tears?


Bring on the critique, though I can see so much wrong with the processing and other stuff that we might as well just play I Spy…digital haze! color casts! soft focus on face and sharp focus on hat! Distracting background on chair!

Sigh. I think I need to switch to photographing bowls of fruit. Because they DON’T MOVE.

For more Best Shot Monday, head to Picture This!

*Little known fact—phrase may well have been coined by Mike. Last heard used by Tila Tequila on her train wreck of a TV show. Or so I’ve heard.


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25 Responses to “Maybe I should have offered more candy”

  1. Maggie Says:

    I think that those are great! I really love the sad one in the middle – it’s so like a kid to be all smiles, all tears, and all smiles again as fast as you can click the next picture!

  2. susiej Says:

    These are great. Great light — great expressions.

  3. MelodyA. Says:

    But what fun would a bowl of fruit be. “Give me shiney. Give me juicy. Give me just about to be eaten.” No fun. I think you did a fab job full of emotion.

  4. megan Says:

    well, you could EAT the bowl of fruit when you’re done :)…

  5. La Says:

    I’m not a phtographer in any sense of the word, but I feel your pain, as we tried to take a shot of all nine grandchildren on Thanksgiving for my mom, and? Not one photo of the eight bajillion we took turned out well.

  6. B. Says:

    .Nice pics.

  7. Maya Says:

    You’re being harder on yourself than you should be! You’ve got the photo thing down…now it’s just all the technical stuff!

    I think crying shots are wonderful that way we can show them later when they have kids on day!

  8. amy Flood Says:

    sorry anna but i think your photos are great! we had our holiday photo shoot here this weekend. the best group photo has Aidan about to eat Declan’s foot. after about 5 minutes we gave up. of about 30 photos there were 7 that were not so blurry that you could actually make out who it was.

  9. Stephanie Says:

    I know absolutely nothing about photography but I love those photos! Even the one of little Will crying is cute!

  10. Dawnomite! Says:

    they’re all very sweet! (i agree about the non-moving subjects comment; so much easier!)

  11. Brittany Says:

    I think they are ALL cute and great photography!

    Amen on the moving objects! haha.

  12. itsallabouthallie Says:

    i LOVE these photos! what a range of emotions! kids are great!

  13. Anna Says:

    Hallie, that is a twins turtleneck on Will there–in case you recognized that inch of white fabric!

  14. mikesgotnothin Says:

    Thank you for the credit. I will take it. I’m pretty sure I coined It Is What It Is. In fact, the blog was almost that…but I went with I Got Nothin’ instead, because I know I coined that.

  15. Jen M Says:

    These are amazing. Seriously – I’ve said it before, but you have such a gift.

    A+ work!

  16. Crunchy Domestic Goddess Says:

    those are great! i love that you can tell how full of life olivia is. i bet she was a pistol to keep up with!

    love the range of emotions of william too.

  17. Trish Says:

    These are absolutely beautiful!

  18. carrievoris Says:

    you are way too hard on yourself. the color in the olivia series is fantastic and yeah, the crying one of will – that is a classic.

    i think they satisfy the assignment for sure!

  19. Kim Says:

    Both series are so fun! Very cute shots. Great job.

  20. Christina Says:

    Okay, earlier today you said I’m too hard on myself so now I’m hear to tell you the same thing! I think the photos are adorable and totally fulfill the assignment. LOVE the crying – so real! And okay, once you pointed out the “flaws” I could see if, but before that all I saw was cute kids.

  21. phyllis Says:

    the olivia pics are just awesome for the color alone! and hey, the crying just makes it all real…i hate to say it but i even like documenting my kids crying. they sure do it plenty:-)

  22. Rosey Says:

    Okay, go see my best shot for Monday for technicality (ha! what a laugh!) And then you’ll feel like a super star. These are beautiful pictures of your children. They look like models!


  23. Stacy Says:

    Those photos are adorable! Love the range of emotions. I see a little of what you are saying, but, really you did a great job. No one said photographing kids was easy. I know I always have some blurry shots when I download my pictures off the card. It is really hard to get them all in focus perfectly with squirmy-always-moving-like-a-maniac kids.

  24. Princess Extraoridinaire Says:

    I love the expressions on their faces – priceless – great job!

  25. arizaphale Says:

    That would certainly get full marks from THIS teacher for ‘range of emotion’!!!! And all that technical talk….colour casts???? Are you serious??? I know…in focus and out of focus!!

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