Closing out 2007

So this is the real start of the new year. A full week without holiday breaks and Christmas cookies and presents and parties. And frankly, I’m ready.

I’m not one of those people that holds onto Christmas long past Dec. 25, and all the lush decorations and special holiday treats start to feel like too much excess in the bright new light of the dawning year.

I’m famous in my family for objecting to Christmas decorations left up long past their time (like FEBRUARY, folks, I’m not talking about next week, in case you think I’m the ultimate Scrooge), and I think I may have accidentally passed that gene on to Will. Driving through our brightly lit village last night, Christmas tree on the left, garland and lights on the right, he cried, “Why do they still have their lights up? It ISN’T CHRISTMAS ANYMORE!”

* * *

I was trying, without any success, to get a photo of the two boys representing Christmas 2007. Just really looking for anything with them in the same frame, actually. NO LUCK.

Then they got interested in this glass ornament hanging in the window. I didn’t say it had to show their faces, did I?


After a hiatus of a few weeks, I’ll call this my Best Shot Monday. Click on over for your weekly dose of Best Shot Monday, now at its new home!


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30 Responses to “Closing out 2007”

  1. Sunshine Says:

    I love the little vests! I dressed my boys alike for Christmas when they were little too. I think they’d protest now though…lol

  2. Stacy Says:

    I love the vests!!

  3. Kim Says:

    I love the colors, and the natural light looks awesome!

  4. Brittany Says:

    I love the matching outfits!!!! I do that to my boys, too. SO cute!

  5. Maya Says:

    I love their matching fleeces. You always have these boys dressed to the T!

  6. kwarterlifecrisis Says:

    I’ll have you know that even though I love me some Christmas, I took my decorations down on January 3rd. Like you, I think the decorations have a distinct timeframe.

    Also, your boys are adorable. As always. 🙂

  7. Crunchy Domestic Goddess Says:

    very sweet. love their matching vests. cute!

  8. Clink Says:

    I took all of my decorations down on January 1 (what! I was off and I had time!). It kind of depresses me to have the decorations up past the holidays.

    And sigh. The boys!

  9. megan Says:

    i take lots of pics of my two boys from the back — that way i can sneak up on them & they don’t run away when they see the camera :). very cute shot.

  10. Jen M Says:

    Your pictures are always so amazing – I love this one!

  11. Kim C Says:

    I love the faint reflection of Henry’s face. Those vests are adorable.

  12. The Casual Perfectionist Says:

    I don’t think you’re a Scrooge! Personally, I get antsy when there is anything left up past December 28th. 🙂

    Btw, I love the picture!

  13. ChiaLynn Says:

    In my house, Christmas lasts til 12th Night – which was yesterday. My lovely husband took the decorations down while I was at church. But in my mother’s house, it was considered “bad luck” to leave them up past the 1st, so we always took them down New Years’ Eve, before dinner.

    I love the lighting on their little faces, and the reflection of Henry’s face in the window.

  14. MelodyA. Says:

    Oh, shoot. Is it time to take the decorations down?

    I love that you got them from behind, a different perspective.

  15. Maggie Says:

    So cute! And I really love the reflection of Henry’s face in the window.

  16. Dawnomite! Says:

    It’s beautiful!

  17. B. Says:

    Christmas cops…

  18. itsallabouthallie Says:

    Ahh day after christmas EVERYTHING comes down. Phew! I just want to get back to normal life again! I am also excited and ready for there not to be holidays and parites and such. Back to work…. 🙂

    Love the photo! I also like taking pictures from the back….I just posted one yesterday with jordan and one of my friends…it is kinda cute!

  19. Toonsis Says:

    I love the reflections-reflecting on the year past-reaching for the New Year! Yep…it says it all in one fantastic photo. As for the Christmas decor, I put mine up mid Dec. so I can leave it up for the Epiphany. I do know people who turn their tree into the Valentines day bush, the St. Patty’s day tree etc. Not me…I am just saying : )

  20. Chelle Says:

    That is an amazing bauble hanging in the window. Can I come over and stare at it too? Ahhhh, the simple wonders of childhood. Great job capturing the essence of it!


  21. Stephanie Says:

    The matching moose vests are one of the cutest things I have ever seen. That really is a great photo!

  22. Stacy Says:

    Is that ever cute??? 🙂 Love their matching fleece jackets and great composition on this, too. Lovely!

  23. Cari Says:

    very sweet, anna

  24. christinator Says:

    My husband would leave Christmas stuff out year round. Me, I’m with you – it’s time to pack it up.
    LOVE the picture, great composition and reflections. And, it does have Henry’s face at least! You boys are always dressed so cute.

  25. phyllis Says:

    that’s a great shot! love the bullwinkle vests:-)

  26. traceyclark Says:

    what a moment. very nice shot!

  27. Rosey Says:

    What a nice picture. One of the once in a life time candid moments that will be treasured forever.

  28. erin Says:


  29. arizaphale Says:

    Oh I LOVE this shot!!!!! Have studiously copied KH’s brownie recipe and some others too for future reference…because I am such a baker…….NOT!!!!!!!!! But boy that was a cool story about KH eh?

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