I guess I should be expecting three wise men on my doorstep soon

Will’s big into babies right now, wanting to hold them and cuddle them and kiss them. He keeps trying to hold Henry, who weighs just a few pounds less than Will and can run almost as fast as he can, so Will’s nurturing efforts are thwarted on a regular basis.

So, taking matters into his own hands, Will has been announcing that he has a baby in his belly, so often that we now absently respond, “That’s great, honey, do you want some more toast?”

When he said last night that he needed more milk for the baby in his belly, I poured some and almost dropped the carton when he announced the baby’s name.


You heard it here first.


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15 Responses to “I guess I should be expecting three wise men on my doorstep soon”

  1. The Casual Perfectionist Says:

    That is hilarious!! How can you sleep with that bright star shining above your house? 😉

  2. Stacy Says:

    That is too funny! Well, at least he has been paying attention to his bible stories. 😉

  3. CrystalD Says:

    Bah haha! Oh yeah, you have to save that little comment for when he is 14. But really, how sweet is that? I love it.

  4. amy Flood Says:

    so this will take a bit longer than the usual 9 months then.

  5. Kim C Says:

    Another Christmas miracle. That is so funny!

  6. sdh Says:

    You’ll have to dress up your garage as a manger and get some animals. Hilarious!

  7. Chelle Says:

    Talk about an immaculate conception! Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.


  8. Stephanie Says:

    Does that make you God? 🙂

  9. christinator Says:

    LOL I can’t even stop laughing long enough to comment. One of the best kid stories EVER.

  10. Shannon Says:

    Brilliant! You know, we’ve been thinking about switching churches. So, will Will be conducting services from the swingset in the backyard? I imagine the top of the slide would make a great pulpit.

  11. Constance Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA!!! *wheeze*

  12. Sheila Says:

    Get that boy a baby doll! I don’t know what we would do without Elias’s. Her name is Grace and he sleeps with her every night. Wait, does that sound right?
    Anyway, such a sensitive boy. Shall we pick a date for the wedding?

  13. mikesgotnothin Says:

    how is this not under how to charm me? wow. love it!

  14. arizaphale Says:

    hahahahahaha Get him on a donkey and get him to Bethlehem before next December hahahahahahahah

  15. You should SEE the bite marks on my hand « Hank & Willie Says:

    […] of you following along at home might remember that Will has taken matters into his own hands since he hasn’t seen any evidence that I’m cooking up a baby for him to love. Will is […]

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