It’s a good thing they can be so sweet

Because some days I need a good reminder as to why we keep them.




And yes, those are corn kernels sticking to their bodies.

And yes, they ran around around the house after this picture was taken, scattering corn kernels everywhere.

And yes, they were EATING them off the floor.

Which wouldn’t be so bad if it was, you know, PRISTINE.

For much better photos than this, from around the world, go to Best Shot Monday!

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30 Responses to “It’s a good thing they can be so sweet”

  1. MelodyA. Says:

    Dogs are good for that, too. His sweet little face looking down at the next kernel.

  2. B. Says:


  3. La Says:

    That is EXCELLENT. And reminds me of any time I spill anything on the floor, and my three dogs fight with one another to hoover it all up. Love it!


  4. Stacy Says:

    LOL…I feel your pain! Great shots! I usually depends on how much they like the food object in question as to whether they will eat it off the floor. Brocolli is far too dirty whence it hits the floor, but candy is fair game. 😉

  5. Molly Says:

    Hahaha but they look so happy!

  6. carrievoris Says:

    but they are so sweet…just like the corn, you’ll be picking up for days! so funny.
    my girls definitely would not eat the corn if it “FELL ON THE FLOOR, MOMMY!” but like Stacy says…if it were candy, it gets a 60 second rule, at least!

  7. The Casual Perfectionist Says:

    It’s amazing what we do to get our children to eat their vegetables, huh? Ha! Just kidding. I hope you have a great week!

  8. Maya Says:

    Ha ha ha! That’s the perfect way to have a meal!!!

  9. amy Flood Says:

    my freaking house looks like that after every snack and every meal. i love that the kids won’t eat at the table, but if they see food underneath the table it is like the most delicious delicacy. mine seem to prefer food that is on the floor. they must get that from their father’s side!

  10. Dawnomite! Says:

    Very cute and very funny. Thanks for letting us find smiles out of it!!

  11. JenBun Says:

    Ahh well, they’re eating veggies, right? I like the corn-y pj’s! haha, I’m punny.

  12. katherine Says:

    We need a guide to picking up these kinds of messages. Last night we had dry spaghetti all over. Meredith was having a ball breaking it and the dog was trying to eat it. Wait! that was dinner!! and by the way, not easy to sweep!

  13. Maggie Says:

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has let boys eat a snack or two off the floor!

    Hey, corn doesn’t lose its nutritional value if it’s a little dirty!

  14. Rush Says:

    Did they try and eat it off each other?

  15. mikesgotnothin Says:

    what do they do when it’s on the cob?!

  16. qu33nbee Says:

    Oh my. Those boys, sometimes they’re too much. So cute. I think I’m going into cute overload. 😉

  17. phyllis Says:

    hilarious. i guess it wasn’t as funny while it was happening but it did make for great pics!!!

  18. Michelle & the City Says:

    their cuteness definitely trumps the fact that they’re causing a bit of trouble 😉

  19. christinator Says:

    This KILLS me! What a riot. Did you somehow fool them into thinking it was candy???

    BTW – love your comp in these, with the floor taking center stage over them.

    And, Nadia had the same pajamas as Henry last year.

  20. Cari Says:

    So so cute and totally funny.

  21. megan Says:

    just console yourself with the fact that kids who eat off the floor build better immune systems :)…

  22. Jen Says:

    Oh, man, I wish I could say I am not acquainted with such messes, but I am more often than not these days. Sometimes you just have to take several deep breaths and laugh…and then blog about it.

    Great shots!!! 😉

  23. Shannon Says:

    When you eat off the floor, you only have one area to clean up after dinner (versus wiping the table AND sweeping the floor). Woohoo!

  24. Chelle Says:

    That looks like a tear-your-hair-out mess!
    But the boys are enjoying it, right?

  25. Clink Says:

    GAH. They are so cute. And I love corn so I probably would’ve joined them.

  26. Mandy Says:

    hehe, that’s kinda cute. We have a 5 second rule here, but I suppose you needed a longer one for that much corn!

  27. SwampYankee Says:

    Very cute photo. I think it’s hilarious and really … the floor looks pretty clean in this photo (aside from the corn kernels). But I also noticed you grabbed your camera, not the broom:-)

  28. Crunchy Domestic Goddess Says:

    LOL so cute!
    my kids have been doing that with cheerios lately – eating them right off the floor that is. ava actually made up a name for it (and i have no idea where she got it), but when i asked her what they were doing she said, “sucking waters.” uh ok.
    btw, my floor is nowhere near pristine either. blah.

  29. Kim Says:

    A fun series! Sorry about all the cleaning it left you, though.

  30. kate Says:

    The only question from DZ is why is there corn on the floor? I think he was wounded that the only vegetable he eats was on someone’s floor!

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