Going to Hollywood

I know, I know, enough already with the Food Friday on a Tuesday. Though if I was smart I would have just refrained from posting for a few more days and it would have been Friday again.


And I can’t say I’ve got much for you today, since I am actually being rather productive in other sectors of my life, YOUR LOSS, but I did get to interview this perfectly charming Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian yesterday. After giving me tons of great quotes he concluded our interview by saying, “Now let me ask YOU a question.”

Me (brightly): “Of course!”

(oh god, please don’t ask if I read Truman… please don’t ask if I read John Adams)

Famous Author (also well known for his movie voice overs and narrations): “Have you ever done any acting or voiceover work? Because your voice is just perfect for it.”

Me (slightly higher pitch now): “Really?”

Famous Author: “Yes, your tone and style are just right. Have you done any acting? Where are you from?”

Me (squeaking now in high-pitched nervous tones that only dogs can hear): “No acting and New York, but I hope you can’t tell. That I’m from New York, I mean. Not the part about the acting. Which I haven’t done.”

Famous Author (now completely bored with me and this conversation): “Yes, well, I recommend you look into it. Have a good day.”

Is that like someone telling you that you have a perfect face for radio? Maybe so, but I’ll just take the compliment and run with it.

Any voiceover agents out there? Because I am SO available to fly to LA and record myself reading the role of Charlotte in the next remake of Charlotte’s Web. See ya later, Julia!


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19 Responses to “Going to Hollywood”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Ooh, you should record yourself talking and post it on here and let us judge if we think you would be a good voiceover person! Maybe that’s how you’ll get discovered!

  2. sdh Says:

    well think this just goes to show that Hank&Willie should take the next step and become a VLOG.

  3. Jess Says:

    Take a compliment when you get one! I mean, maybe it’s like having a face for radio, but since he does it too, probably not. Unless he thinks he’s ugly, of course.

  4. Amily Says:

    Anna — sounds fab! T actually took a voice over class and our friends in advertising have called him for auditions (although I’m not sure he’s ever been in any ads yet…??). Very cool compliment…would love to know who the famous writer was??

  5. itsallabouthallie Says:

    Haven’t you modeled for Martha? I think it would be great to be a voice over!! You would be great!!

  6. amy Flood Says:

    not only has my husband read both of those books, but listened to them on tape too.

  7. qu33nbee Says:

    Wow, How cool of him to say that too!

  8. ChiaLynn Says:

    Um… I don’t know any VO agents, but I do know several VO artists. Come on out and I’ll introduce you. (And maybe take Will to bellydance class, where he will learn to love sparkly, jingly things – all those pictures of him in tutus and discussion of nail polish make me want to give him a tiny coin hip scarf and maybe a silk veil and some finger cymbals… ;))

  9. laura Says:

    I hate to disappoint you, but I think you might make a better Fern–I always envision Charlotte as having more of a Kathleen Turner voice…kind of husky…and unless you’ve started smoking 3 packs a day I think your voice is much nicer than that 🙂

  10. JenBun Says:

    I second Stephanie’s idea… do a voiceover for the blog!

    I have had to do some voiceover work, including some for medical videos… try pronouncing all those crazy names of neurologic disorders… GAH!

  11. B. Says:

    Call the dude back…right now..while your voice is fresh in his mind. YOU MAY NEVER GET ANOTHER CHANCE… Just ask for advice on how to go about it (or to speak with his agent). And a little agro might go a long way – think Hank & Willie college fund or at least a Canon 5D!

    He might even be flattered.

  12. mikesgotnothin Says:

    Now I know why you’ve been mumbling “This is CNN” all day. 😉

  13. Karen Says:

    Oh, I have to agree – I think we need a voice sample so we can recognize you when your voice is famous. Please share!

  14. erin Says:

    very cool compliment…..i think there is a new future out there for you 🙂

  15. Sarah G now B Says:

    Funny… I heard that you worked with Steven Spielberg once!?

  16. Toonsis Says:

    Yes Anna, did you not work on a movie when you were in college? Were you not on the silver screen? : ) I don’t think you give yourself enough credit… go for it! A woman with many talents!

  17. Anna Says:

    Who needs an agent when I have all of you boosting me up! 🙂

    I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the technical knowhow or, uh, free time, to record my voice and put it here, but you are ALL invited over for story time tonight.

    Maybe I’ll even show you my movie, too—Spielberg WAS awfully nice to work with.


    Charlotte A. Cavatica (or Fern, thanks for the nice words, Laura!)

  18. Just Seeking Says:

    Thanks for paying a visit !
    By the way, I’m sure your face is just fine for radio! I mean, the big screen! 🙂

  19. Christina Says:

    Too awesome! Anna, the woman of many talents. 🙂 Now to keep your readers happy you HAVE to at least share some sound clips???

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