How to charm me

Sneeze or cough, and immediately say “God blesh you!” to yourself.

And say the same for anyone else around you who sneezes or coughs, and wait expectantly for acknowledgment.




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18 Responses to “How to charm me”

  1. B. Says:

    zrrsh, zrrsh

  2. Anna Says:

    That’s Henry’s word for raisins, in case you are wondering what that last comment is about!

  3. Jessica K Says:

    How sweet. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I’ve been here before, but I can’t remember if I commented or not (found you through Arizaphale as well!). Oh, and I LOVE your header image. Did you do that yourself?

  4. sdh Says:

    so adorable. i’ll have to pick up a cold before i see henry next!

  5. kcancio Says:

    oh man, he is getting so big! Love those vibrant shots.

  6. Maya Says:

    I can’t wait till Zane talks for moments like this!

  7. Jess Says:

    That is so cute. This post makes me want kids NOW.

  8. thelandofka Says:

    That is so cute! I love the pictures, too…he looks all nice and cozy warm.

  9. Chelle Says:

    Henry looks like Will in these photos. And LUV the RED hat!

  10. Maggie Says:

    That is too sweet! And I agree – I LOVE that red hat! In fact, I have one that looks just like it…for myself!

  11. Christina Says:

    Yep, that would charm me, too. But is this a current Henry story, or an oldie from William? Cuz I swear, Henry looks JUST like Will here. Love the red hat/pants. Such a coorinated little guy.

  12. Princess Extraordinaire Says:

    Too adorable for words!

  13. Ashley Says:

    holy crap he is so damn cute. i love how his red hat matches his rosey cheeks and red lips. so sweet.

  14. JenBun Says:

    GAH! He is adorable! I (like everyone) love the colors! And the sweet little intent expression on his face as he fishes out his raisins. Or zrrsh.

  15. L B Says:

    probably until ummmm last year (ehhhhh) i said “blesh” you!!!!!!

  16. carrievoris Says:

    double gah! he is adorable. and zrrrsh! so flippin’ cute.
    emma always used to ask us “bless you to me, mama?” if we didn’t jump on the bless you the minute she sneezed!

  17. Apple Cyder Says:

    What sweet photos! My little guy loves to put gobs of raisins in his mouth and chew on them, but won’t actually eat them. We joke that he looks like a baseball player chewing tobacco.

  18. arizaphale Says:

    Oh the hat the HAT!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh*

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