Again with the poop

There is a certain karma surrounding me these days, and it seems to have a whole lot to do with poop.

For example, a friend sent me this not too long ago, and I smiled and shook my head while reading, thinking “there but for the grace of God go I.”

There was Henry and his poobacle (poop-debacle) last month.

And then recently, my husband was changing Henry’s diaper, and our little prodigy tried to wiggle off the changing table, saying “Potty, potty!”

So we put him on the little potty and cheered—and then cheered again when, holy sh*t, he pooped in the potty. At 19 months. Kind of like getting a hole in one the first time you play golf.

Fast forward to the other night, when he asked to sit on the potty again, and I obliged. And he pooped, but got up AT THE SAME TIME. And walked around the bathroom.

And subsequently learned to say, “Oh, no! Mess!”

P.S. Thank you so much for all the insight into your organizational lives. Keep those comments coming, please! 


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18 Responses to “Again with the poop”

  1. JenBun Says:

    GAH! SO funny!!! And gross. 🙂

  2. Mike Says:

    I’m thinking, that in a poop post, you are ok to write the word instead of just sh*t. great story though!

  3. Maya Says:

    I am laughing and then stopped, someone had to clean that up! I am sorry for laughing!

  4. amy Flood Says:

    anna, you suck! i am desperate to have just 1 out of diapers! good luck and tell me your secret. when i ask my oldest if he wants to use the potty chair he says “no way!’

  5. B. Says:

    Go Henry! If you stop using diapers now…more $$$ into the college fund.

  6. Princess Extraordinaire Says:

    You need to rename your blog *The Poop Chronichles*

  7. Molly Says:

    omigod he’s so big! He’s going to be diaper-free before you know it!

  8. Maggie Says:

    Ha ha ha! I’m laughing with you, because potty training is funny. I’m in no way laughing AT you…because that same thing totally could have happened to me….

  9. Amily Says:

    B — I bet Henry would rather the $$$ go towards a car…

  10. Crunchy Domestic Goddess Says:

    LOL i remember the first time ava peed on the potty. it was the first time i set her on it. it took a long time after that for her to actually be potty trained though. still she did it pretty early so i can’t complain. we’ll see how it goes w/ the boy. 😉

  11. itsallabouthallie Says:

    Wahoo! Pooping on the potty!!! a few misses! it happens to the best of them!! Soon it will be so cool when they all can buckle themselves in the car!!! OMG that was the best day ever!! good luck potty training!!

  12. lisaheidrich Says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    isn’t being a parent just full of great surprises and stories?

  13. rexmoond Says:

    I wish someone would cheer for me when i poop on the potty.

  14. chris Says:

    What…no pictures?

  15. Katy Says:

    Yuck, yuck, yuck. Good story!

    When one boy here had a number two accident in his Batman boxer briefs, the dad here used said poo-laden briefs as a chocolately-mouthed puppet with the voice of that puppet from “Arrested Development.”

    I hate poo accidents. I can’t even fondly recall them.

  16. KFJ Says:

    You are truly blessed! my boy is almost 2 and potty training is still pretty far off? Is he still going on the potty? Was he interested on his own? How about peeing in the potty? I have a daughter and she was easier!

  17. Chelle Says:

    Yeah, pictures please. Or maybe that would be too gross. Sweet, innocent Henry smeared with poop. Yeah, maybe not then.


  18. Kim Says:

    It must have something to do with having one in diapers. I feel like I’m up to my elbows in poop every few days.

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