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Isn’t he a hottie?

March 17, 2008


My new camera and I, we’re still in the courting stage. I’m learning all about him and I’m so captivated that I don’t even mind when he leaves its socks on the floor makes me play guessing games about sRGB vs. Adobe RGB color spaces in my settings. We haven’t had a SINGLE fight yet, and we have tons in common. But every so often I realize we are still complete strangers.

Using this camera actually makes me feel like I am driving while looking down at the gearshift. Without ever looking up, since there is so much to keep me busy on the gear shift. Did you know you could make so many adjustments to one photograph? (White balance, color temperature, color space, auto focus mode, picture style, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, did I forget anything? I’m sure.)

So I can’t say I have lots to show you, and what I have today is full of flaws (OOF eyes, blown highlights–I’m sure you could find more if you looked) but I couldn’t let another Monday go by without a Best Shot Monday. So here’s what I’ve got for today, and for more BSM, click here.


First look at spring, March 12, 2008


The very patient and lovely (and very out-of-focus) Sydney, 13 months


And again in B&W

Gotta go, my camera is expecting me. I think he’s got a special date planned for us and I have no idea what I’m going to wear!