“We put the B in blogging”

Katherine at MommaMov sent me this today:

Kodak hires its first chief blogger

Eastman Kodak Co. has appointed Jennifer Cisney its first chief blogger. She oversees the company’s two blogs and is charged with serving as its eyes and ears online. Eastman Kodak Co., which has an e-commerce web site that sells printers, cameras and photo prints, has named Jennifer Cisney the company’s first chief blogger.

Cisney will provide daily oversight and creative guidance for Kodak’s two blogs, “A Thousand Words” and “A Thousand Nerds.” She is charged with serving as the company’s eyes and ears online, listening to customer feedback, and sharing ideas and tips related to Kodak’s products and services.

As chief blogger, Cisney is a frequent contributor to “A Thousand Words,” blogging about human interest stories, creative photo tips and projects, and life at Kodak. She also generates content for “Kodak Close Up” podcasts and provides on-site coverage at trade shows and special events.

Cisney was promoted from within the ranks of the company’s bloggers. She has been with Kodak for 10 years, previously serving as an information designer for Kodak.com.

“As Kodak continues to break new ground in the imaging industry, we are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of social media by utilizing the talents of our people,” says Jeffrey Hayzlett, chief business development officer and vice president.

Representing Kodak, Cisney has spoken at a number of social media conferences, including BlogHer, BlogWorld, the Media Relations Summit, and the Corporate Communication and Technology Conference. She also blogs for “The Insider,” an online feature of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, a daily newspaper in Rochester , NY .

“I am really excited to take this job on full-time because blogging is something I’m obsessed with anyhow. Like so many people at Kodak, I am a nut about taking pictures and creating projects and I love being able to share that,” Cisney says. “The blogosphere gives us a chance to get our message out there and hear what people have to say to us in return.”

First of all, I want that job–pictures and blogging as a JOB?

Second, if I can’t have THAT job, why hasn’t my MY company offered me the posh-sounding post of chief blogger? Director of blogging? Blogging manager? Or how about blogger-at-large? Or even associate blogger? We certainly have enough bloggers who work for my company or used to work here. Even if one of them is in Seattle.

We could have a blogging team! We’d have blogging lunches when we would close the lids on our laptops long enough to eat, and then we’d go right back to blogging! With pictures! We could all go to Blogher together, even Mike! And we’d use lots of explanation points! We’d put the B in blogging! And our days would look like this!

Hold my calls, please, I’m blogging.

Thank you all for your photo assistance, I will try it out tonight and see how it goes. I got some video in here, so that is promising! Hank & Willie HQ is also hard at work on a little related project requiring that I learn things MUCH HARDER than posting photos in the new WP, so if I can’t figure the photo thing out, I might as well just pack it up.



13 Responses to ““We put the B in blogging””

  1. Lisa Says:

    Wow. I didn’t even know Kodak had a blog. Haha. Very jealous of her title. Chief Blogger just about rocks my socks off.

  2. La Says:

    Um, I live very very close to Eastman Kodak, as in, blocks away. Why was I not alerted to this opportunity?!

  3. Nancy Says:

    Don’t be too envious- as one of the many thousands of former Kodak employees, that job will probably be eliminated the next time they have layoffs- it’s pure overhead. I don’t have a lot of faith in Kodak management that they really know how to grow the business. Still, I wish her luck in her new position.

  4. Molly Says:

    I am SO IN. Although I’ll have you know that my company put me and my fellow blog friend Ashley in charge of the company’s blog yesterday. Sadly, we won’t get a cool title to go with it.

  5. B. Says:

    You’re CEB at H&W…

  6. Maria Says:

    Funny video…laughing over here….

  7. christine Says:

    Don’t forget me! 🙂

  8. Anna Says:

    You’re right, how could I not add our western branch! I edited it!

  9. christine Says:

    Awwww. I’m glad I checked back. Thanks!

  10. thelandofka Says:

    Yeah, can I have that job, too???

  11. kim Says:

    I could totally do that job and right from my family room! Love the vid!

  12. libound Says:

    Yeah – Rochie in the spotlight – one of your many ports of call. Kodak never ceases to amaze – an ancient dinosaur who occasionally manages to step lively.

  13. Suzanne Says:

    That sounds like a cool job!

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