Food Friday: Making Reservations

Sorry, it’s been that kind of week and that kind of day and we’re going out for dinner when the kids are in bed. You should, too!

But my friend Shannon just gave me this tip, so I pass it on to you in the name of Food Fridays.

Go to for and search for restaurants in your area participating in their gift certificate program. Looks like a few reasonable restaurants in our area belong, so even though it isn’t for the one we’re going to tonight, I’m glad to know about it and will try it in the future.

So go make some reservations for dinner!


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4 Responses to “Food Friday: Making Reservations”

  1. libound Says:

    Well deserved after fielding questions about 100 babies. Enjoy! xoxo

  2. MelodyA. Says:

    Now that’s my kind of Food Friday!

  3. Corrine Says:

    ohhh i need to do that right now!!!!!! lol

  4. Suzanne Says:

    I like that kind of food Friday! BTW, anyone whose employer participates in Perkspot gets a discount at Pretty sweet.

    Here, it will be Pizza Friday tomorrow. I’ve got semolina flour in the pantry calling to me…

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