Seriously, toothpaste?

You guys are amazing.

I had no idea there were so many home remedies for acne control.

Although I am still waiting* for my dermatology PA friend from college to weigh in here, (I’m sure she’s just busy seeing her actual patients right now. Whatever, like my giant pimple isn’t equally important.) I think you guys have me covered. Like a good concealer.

I wasn’t exactly clear in my original description of this unsightly blemish. My facial volcano is actually of the subterranean type, to stretch a metaphor long past its useful life.

Since it dwells far below the surface, there is no popping to be done here. It’s sort of like a round, smooth red polka dot. A HUGE one. Katy had it right–it’s the kind of blemish that needs a quick steroid shot, but since the last time I saw my dermatologist was before I carried a diaper bag, I kind of doubt he is holding an emergency appointment open for me, say, today.

So, I think my plan of attack is to use H&W reader suggestions to reduce redness and inflammation enough so that I can at least hold my head up when I get to Real Simple. The alternate plan is to find a giant, bulky turtleneck sweater that I can coyly tuck my chin into while talking to them.

Let’s hope for redness control. Keep your suggestions coming!

*I could, of course, check in with the dermatologist that lives ACROSS THE STREET, but she had to go and give birth this week. 🙂 Welcome, baby Avery!


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5 Responses to “Seriously, toothpaste?”

  1. thelandofka Says:

    LOL…well, I hope the home remedies work for you! Those subterranean types are painful, too. Have fun at the photo shoot – sounds like a blast!

  2. Christina Says:

    ooooh, those are the worst type of pimple. Ouch, and not much you can do for them. Crossing my fingers that ice and tootpaste do the trick! And, I caNOT wait to hear all about the photoshoot.

  3. Rush and Sarah Says:

    Anna – Are you going to submit an anonymous little piece to Real Simple about blemishes? Maybe they’ll run it next to your piece on dressing Real Fancy?

    Not nearly as snarky as I seem,


  4. Karen Says:

    Yes, TOOTHPASTE! 😉

    I get the same kind of pimples – they’re awful, aren’t they? Thankfully they are also the type most conducive to being hidden with concealer. Hope you had some luck.

  5. Michelle & the City Says:

    definitely TOOTHPASTE! it works, i swear 🙂

    and real simple!? what did i miss?

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