Time out!

Henry in self-mandated “time out.” And yes, we call that the naughty step, because who doesn’t get their best child-rearing tactics from reality TV. The blue stool is his own touch.


A) Henry sobbed for the entire 11-minute drive home from swimming lessons, because I didn’t wait long enough (like til he turned five) for him to mature enough to buckle his own buckle on his car seat. Even though I gave him ample time to practice and explained why he couldn’t ride home working on his buckle. “Henry’s turn! Henry’s turn!”

B) Henry sobbed dramatically over I can’t remember what, but it lasted a good 10 minutes and was highlighted by a repeating loop of him hurling himself into my arms and then running away. And tearfully reporting, “Henry’s turn! Henry’s turn!”

C) Will had a juice box with his lunch at nursery school as a Special Treat (Will usually takes his favorite Sigg bottle with cars with water for lunch) and then at snack had juice and milk. Having had a few Special Treats in the past few months, I am now seeing a pattern—juice does something v. bizarre to his bladder, and he Can’t. Make. It. To. The. Potty. In. Time!

This was all just a long buildup to saying my almost-four-year-old wet himself FOUR times yesterday afternoon, with three more near misses. We both finally agreed that, “All the pee MUST be gone by now, right Mom?”

D) Henry put himself in “time out” and then sobbed mightily when I suggested it was over and time to go upstairs for bed. (Henry has never had a time out, but likes to throw himself dramatically on the Naughty Step and declare “Time out!” Just you wait, Henry.)

E) When changing Henry for bed, he insisted on sitting on the potty, and then cried when, after five minutes of hopping up and down and no business, I suggested it was time for his diaper and pajamas. He’s getting very good at this two-year-old stuff and, as I remind him, he is only 23 months.


A) I’m leaving for my college reunion.

B) Alone.

C) Mommy’s having a time out.

I will miss you terribly, boys, but you will have a great time with Daddy.

Give him a break, will you? Because he has to live with the knowledge that NO ONE WILL BE WAKING ME UP AT 5:30 IN THE MORNING FOR TWO DAYS IN A ROW.


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17 Responses to “Time out!”

  1. MelodyA. Says:

    Have fun you crazy kids!

  2. B. Says:

    I think the boys will have to call your cell phone to let you know that they are awake and to wish you a good morning. Enjoy those extra Zzzzzz’s.

  3. Sarah G now B Says:

    Have fun at reunion!!

  4. laura Says:

    Ah, the things I have to loom forward to! Have a great time at your reunion–enjoy the adults!

  5. Ashley Says:

    ah, age 2. tis a fun year indeed!

    definitely sounds like you need a big time out 🙂 have fun!

  6. amy Flood Says:

    glad to hear your house is as much fun as mine! oh, the drama! Have you tried Henry with a Sigg bottle yet? i’ve been thinking about getting them for the kids, but i though they might be too young.

  7. Sarah Says:

    I can’t promise that *I* won’t wake you up at 5:30 a.m. two mornings in a row, though.

    I just got my first (or should that be My First?) Sigg bottle and my boys are terribly jealous of it.

  8. Rush and Sarah Says:

    Anna – another hilarious post! Thanks for taking the time to write it and have a great time! – R

  9. Rush and Sarah Says:

    …and when you come back, can you tell me what the kaleidescope next to my name means?

  10. sdh & rsh Says:

    good luck this weekend, B!

  11. JenBun Says:

    Have fun! Hope there aren’t too many tears (or, uh, other bodily fluids) for dad while you are gone!!! 😀

  12. Sara Says:

    I am a full believer in self imposed time outs… mine just generally occur with a bottle of wine. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Christina Says:

    Aren’t toddlers fun?! I can relate to more than a few of those bullet points. Have an awesome time on your getaway!

  14. Katy Says:

    that boy has such expressive big toes!
    he sounds like a lot of fun. i’m so glad you’re getting all of this down!

  15. Maya Says:

    Sounds like you need a Mommy time out!!! Enjoy yourself!!!

  16. Angie McDowell Garza Says:

    Don’t you just love Super Nanny!!! Have a great time at your reunion. You deserve it!

  17. Stephanie Says:

    Henry in his self-imposed time-outs? Completely adorable.

    Also, I read this post the other night before I went to bed and I totally had a dream that I was babysitting the infamous Henry and Will! Just let me know if you need any babysitting assistance in the future – apparently, it’s in the cards. 🙂

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