Two boys and a bag of gummy worms

My Best Shot Monday this week also doubles as a sneak preview for the mom and dad of this handsome twosome. But you get a two-for-one special today, because there is no way I can decide on just one of these boys.

These two came ready for fun—the best kind of photo shoot!

Add a bubble machine, a super relaxed mom and dad and a bag of gummy worms to the mix and I think we got some great shots.

Did I mention there were gummy worms?

Thanks to blogger friend Elizabeth for the referral! And click on her name–she’s got an unusual favor to ask of you, Internets.

For more Best Shot Monday, and maybe even more redheads and gummy worms, visit here.

P.S. Something v. weird going on with WordPress, do you see four different images here? You should!

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16 Responses to “Two boys and a bag of gummy worms”

  1. thelandofka Says:

    Love these shots, Anna. Great job! I’ll have to remember the gummy worm trick.

  2. MelodyA. Says:

    It seems that you’ve been learning some new stuff over the last few posts. Great job. The second one down is just fantastic.

  3. elizabethews Says:

    I have absolutely no bias here…
    But those two boys are the cutest I’ve seen (Hank & Willie excluded, of course). 🙂
    Beautiful shots! Thanks!
    (I only saw 3…)

  4. Maggie Says:

    Like Elizabeth, I can only see three – the bottom three. But they are adorable!

  5. JenBun Says:

    Those boys are total cutiepies! Just add gummy worms for great pics… and a great photographer, of course! 🙂

    I could only see images 1, 3, and 4. The second one was the dreaded red X box.

  6. Allie Says:

    The color in your pictures is amazing. The subject are pretty darn adorable, too;) I’ll have to try the gummy work trick.

  7. golightly Says:

    What fantastic pictures! Wow! But I only see 3 pics.

  8. JenBun Says:

    (P.S. Now I’m on my home computer and I can only see the last three images. Weird!)

  9. Maya Says:

    Great shots Anna! Gummy worms will make them smile! Brilliant!!!

  10. Mrs. Mart Says:

    I was able to see all four OUTSTANDING pictures. You’ve got to be kidding to select a BEST…………….they are ALL keepers.

  11. Mandy Says:

    Great shots! I love the eye pops and wonderful color!

  12. Christina Says:

    Oh my gosh, Anna, you totally rocked it! These are awesome – the bottom three that I could see, anyway. Love your color pop and focus is spot on. wow.

  13. laura Says:

    Okay, funny coincidence. I sent Elizabeth some stories and she recognized my name as someone she took a yoga class with almost 7 years ago! How funny! Oh those MSM connections…

  14. Carrie T. Says:

    Well, I am biased and I think those are the cutest pics ever! Thanks, Anna and I/we can’t wait to see the rest!

  15. lwayswright Says:

    I love those pictures. Cute little boys!

  16. Michelle Says:

    We should definitely try to get together this summer – we’re game for anything, and since I don’t work, my schedule is extremely flexible. Stay in touch and let me know what dates might work for you!

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